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1 I Will Always Love You

I like this one!
Charice, you are the best! Were proud of YOU. You are so blessed to have that such wonderful talents! @ god bless you always

It is an amazing voice, beautiful, great, excellent, fantastic, very powerful voice, awesome an more... That's a gift GIVEN BY GoD to her.. TAKE GOOD CARE OF THAT TALENT GIRL. GOD BLESS YOU ALL THE TIME!

Charice, you are the best! Were proud of YOU. You are so blessed to have that such wonderful talents! @ god bless you always

She is amazing

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2 In This Song

I love this song... because this is our theme song of my best friends... :)

A song that is like All By Myself by Celine Dion and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. David Foster is really the man. - hatcher234

I think this song is really great...
It's like telling about my story...
Go Charice...

So touching. A lifestory. no words can describe this song. Powerful.

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3 All By Myself

Charice voice is so awesome. She is so talented! I don't really care if she was Asian. what's wrong with that?

Charice was an amazing singer. You are an inspiration in so many people who just dream and now you build your own name to the world.

Very hmm... No coment
I can't believe it...
Shes the one... I swear...

Love her

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4 Louder

The newest trending song of Charice next to One Day and her outstanding Pyramid. - hatcher234

I love this song! It makes you feel better and in outstanding so perfect voice not your voice only! Your image is so cool! May you teach me your songs!

This song proved to be one of her great songs. It's so catchy that even kids would like to dance of it. She is also great singing the song live. She is unbelievable. - hatcher234

Good for you this song. Please tke care your self always idol you're the best fof me.

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5 Listen

Hi.. You are the my very big inspiration in my studying.. With your greatest hit songs.. From kenon in province of northern samar.

Love the lyrics of this song so much, love Beyonce, but Charice and this song, its only amazing and awesome!

the song is very difficult yet she sings it effortlessly

I like this song because of the massege in it.

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6 Pyramid feat. Iyaz

In this song, LOVE is compared to a PYRAMID, whatever troubles and calamities will strike, it'll still stand tall. Love is like a Pyramid, indeed. - hatcher234

this says things bout my relationship. It my song of the year for 2010. Charice you are a jwel.

The song that is catchy like a Pyramid. - hatcher234


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7 Power of Love

Let the world hear your voice with a great message. Let Jesus be your guide.sing them over and over again to me with a wonderful word of life Charies.God bless you.there are three things in this world Faith.Hope.Love.but the greatest is Love.

8 Note to God

This is my favorite song from hers.

I love that song... Chalice you r 1 of a kind more power...

I'm in love with her incredible voice <3
Note To God is the most powerful song<3
She is sent from heaven

9 One Day

Written and Produced by the famous Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. - hatcher234

I really love how she delivered the song. A very strong and influential one. It taught me to dream big (sounds like NBA, haha), not to be afraid and don't let other people bring me down. And lastly this song makes me wanna dance every time I hear this especially the last part. GraciasĀ”

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10 I Have Nothing

You're so amazing, Charice. You're my favorite singer. Keep on the good work and make a new albums over and over again ok? I'm your biggest fan Always wait for your new songs! Keep spirit Charice!

Please charice back to your normal life we love you so much and you are no one singer in the world and I' m your biggest fan I' m always waiting your new song I love you charice keep gong on dear...

I love that song and Whitney. Charice is an amazing singer. Much better than Lea Michele, she should be the Glee star. Make a relationship with Artie or something.

Please charice bag to normal I love your lovely voice and I want to lesion your new coming song thanks Mr Ken

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11 I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

my favorite song for charice

love you charice

charice 4ever

This is the best song version I ever heard for her, no one could beat her golden voice...

I can't think of anybody who could sing that song better than charice... you r amazing

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12 Reset

This song has a Tagalog rap on it. Really great. - hatcher234

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13 You'll Never Walk Alone

. . I was inspired by this song of charice. . . the message is beautiful and her voice was awesome. . . she had a pure talent. . love it!

I just love this version of charice

This song is the best for me I like this!

14 Unbreak My Heart
15 Destiny
16 Nothing
17 Far As the Sky
18 Always You

Always you, Always the best!

19 Crescent Moon

Love this song, one of the best charice song

20 To Love You More

Nice version of the song as arranged by David foster maybe more performance with the great songwriter.

Not a lot of people like it, but honestly, the rendition done was simply fantastic! It's easy enough for people to sing along to!

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