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21 Bring Back the Times
22 Hot Stuff
23 Smile

I love this song I listen to it every day I love her.

24 Thank You

I sang this song to my best friend on her birthday once and she told me she wants me to sin got for her every birthday for the rest of my life. It's been 5 years, and I've kept my promise!

25 As Long As You're There

This song inspired her so much to show her pure and fantastic talent...

My gosh! Love this song too much! You're awesome charice! So proud of you love you!

Love this song much! Know this song when she sang this in glee! Xoxo

26 In Love So Deep

I vote this song because I love it so deep

27 Halo

Charice has a remarkable voice which it is not easily to forget.

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28 I Did It For You

Can't you listen to it? This song is so amazing. And it's rated 17th it's just the same number to my b'day!
I wonder why it's low rated if this song really rocks us all!

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29 Because You Love Me

Awesome song, and Charice has an incredible voice in this one.

30 Before It Explodes

This is a great song that bruno mars give to charice, it is so wonderful to see when chatice is singing it with bruno mars. ALL her songs are awesome. Go go go charice!

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31 Impossible Dream V 1 Comment
32 You're All That I Need To Survive

Is just beautiful, meaningful and touching

33 Everything

This song originally a song for a show in Japan. It was translated to English and Charice sings it Beautifully! I hope she puts it in her next USA album. She sings love song and ballads the best with true feeling and from the heart. Charice you are so under rated, I hope some day everybody will wake up and see what a true pure singer you are. A voice from Heaven!

34 You Raise Me Up

This song by charice is fantastic... So inspirational, I think it's one of the best songs ever! And we do feel charice's love and passion for music

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35 Always You

Always you, Always the best!

36 One Moment In Time

Charice High Notes killed One Moment in time Record for all time!...She really has the GOLDEN Voice...Even though she revealed her true self she's still Stunning and the only Charice we know...I will vote any song charice sings...! I love you charice...

37 New World
38 Titanium

In my opinion, Charice has the best Titanium cover ever! I'm currently only listening to her version of the song cause it's by far the most beautiful version.

39 Lost the Best Thing V 1 Comment
40 Parachute
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