Best Songs From Chevelle's Hats Off to the Bull

The Top Ten

1 Face to the Floor
2 Clones

Powerful instruments, powerful vocals, powerful song, the lyrics are incredible and this song is evident of Pete's confidence in his vocals. Has a newer distortion tone that isn't overwhelming and overall one of the bests by Chevelle.

My favourite Chevelle song, actually my favourite song of all time. There's a bit after the guitar solo where everything goes really quiet and then when they all start playing again it's insane! It sounds so good.

3 The Meddler
4 Hats Off to the Bull
5 Envy

Dead last? Oh come on! This is their best song from this album and I like the atmosphere of that song - OryonRex

6 Same Old Trip
7 Pinata
8 Arise
9 Prima Donna

Never really got into Clones. This should be up there

10 Ruse

The Contenders

11 Revenge
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