Best Songs On Children of Bodom's Hatebreeder


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1 Downfall Downfall

Deserves the number 1 spot for sure - wolphert

2 Warheart Warheart
3 Towards Dead End Towards Dead End

Guitar work is awesome (as always in this band) - Metal_Treasure

That solo *. *

4 Hatebreeder
5 Silent Night, Bodom Night

Pure epicness. Great melodic black metallish song. Long live CoB!

6 Black Widow

Are you people crazy? This song makes the album

Love the intro - wolphert

7 Bed of Razors
8 Children of Bodom
9 Wrath Within
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1. Downfall
2. Black Widow
3. Towards Dead End
1. Downfall
2. Towards Dead End
3. Children of Bodom
1. Towards Dead End
2. Silent Night, Bodom Night
3. Bed of Razors

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