Best Songs From Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics


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1 Hurt

How is this number 8? There are quite a few songs that have touched me, but this is the only one that has the ability to make me cry every time I listen to it! It has sad yet meaningful lyrics, amaazing vocals, and just a good beat that matches perfectly to the feel of the lyrics and song meaning.

I like this song very much.. Sad song and touch my heart so bad...

Hurt myself
If you don't like. You'll hurt yourself laugh out loud

2 Candyman

Candyman is truly infectious. Come on guys, it is 1 percent away from tying hurt and 2 percent away from taking the lead spot. All candyman lovers begin voting to help this song reach the top.

This song is good and so popular in the Philippines back then


I love all the songs but candy man is the best I love the song and the video one of the best I can't stop lisening to it its one of the best I love candyman heres how I would make the list!
1 candyman
2 ain't no other man
3 the right man
4 hurt
5 mercy on me
6 welcome
7 slow down baby
8 back in the day
9 thank you
10 back to basics intro
Well I love all the songs on the album even the ones I did put I still love them all shes the best I'm a fan forever!

3 Ain't No Other Man

Candyman, Ain't No Other Man, Hurt, and Save Me From Myself

Mercy On Me, Nasty Naughty Boy E Save Me From Myself passar de Ain't No Other Man é muito malgosto com as músicas dela msm

4 Mercy on Me

It is one of the best songs by xtina. The vocals are just breathtaking as you can see her incredible vocal power. And finally the music is so groundbreaking and new it is something you don't hear a lot in music nowadays


5 Oh Mother
6 Slow Down Baby
7 I Got Trouble
8 Nasty Naughty Boy

Okay so I love her songs Oh Mother and Hurt. However, this song I cannot get enough of. It's provocative and humorous in a way. I love the way it is sung. The beat, the rhythm, the lyrics, and the voice make this song one of my favorites.

9 Makes Me Wanna Pray
10 On Our Way

The Contenders

11 Without You

I love her voice on this one. All her gorgeous rarely used falsetto head voice notes are liable to make your spine tingle. On this song, she didn't reach waaay back in time but it's still retro...when I hear it, I hear a Janet Jackson influence. Very unique song in her catalogue. - theOpinionatedOne

12 Save Me from Myself

Most beautiful song I've ever heard by her...her vocals are so emotive that you can't help but get chills listening to it..moved me to tears a few times.

13 Back in the Day

One of her best songs of all time!

14 Thank You (Dedication to Fans...)
15 The Right Man
16 Understand

Understand is such a beautiful song. Here my top ten list:
1. Understand
2. Hurt
3. Slow Down Baby
4. Oh Mother
5. Still Dirrty
6. Welcome
7. Save me from myself
8. On our way
9. The right man
10. Makes me wanna pray

17 Here to Stay
18 Welcome

Amazing lyrics, great vocals

19 F.U.S.S
20 Enter the Circus
21 Still Dirrty
22 Intro (Back to Basics)
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