Best Songs From Christina Aguilera's Bionic

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1 You Lost Me

I love two songs on this album of Christina's. One of them being this song. The other being the song I Am. Both have more meaning in their first verse then the other songs on this album do in their entirety.

Such a beautiful song, Christina, you are a legend, I love you

By far the best song, its personal and brilliant. Without this song the album would not be the same

The best song BY FAR on her album Bionic!

2 Not Myself Tonight

I am happy this song is number 1. It truly deserves this spot.

3 Birds of Prey

The reason that Birds of Prey is all the way down here is OBVIOUSLY because most people don't understand how beautiful, deep, and meaningful the lyrics R. I guess you can't really like this song unless YOU have been out with the birds of prey yourself... But that's what makes this song that much better!

Birds of prey should have been released as a single not a deluxe extra track. Lift me up should have been lead single. Vanity too should have been released Long with elastic love. Way ahead of its time. A great electronica album.

This song is so original and I love the meaning. Should be higher.

I love it, her vocals are so soft and powerful at the same time

4 I Hate Boys

Love this song I can't stop singing it I wish bionic did better on the carts this was a great album and I know she dosnt care about carts because heer music comes from her heart and that's what I love about her I just sad that her hrad work didn't get what it deserved that mostly because of rca and lady gaga if people would see that gaga copys xtina NOT xtina copys gaga because we all know that xtina wouldn't copy some low life like gaga xtina is real beautiful and dosnt care what people think and we should all respect that and show are love by buying bionic:) JUSTICE FOR BIONIC 11.11.13

5 Woohoo
6 Bionic
7 Elastic Love
8 Vanity

Vanity should be the first single from bionic for sure

The bestt


9 Lift Me Up

This could have been a classic if released

Such an incredible song with such a strong emotion and groundbreaking beat. One of her best songs ever. It deserves to be at number 1 right next to primmadonna. This should be asingle

10 Prima Donna

One of the best songs from Bionic, the verses are amazing

No words. Best song ever. Just listen to it.

The Contenders

11 I Am (Stripped)
12 Desnudate
13 Stronger Than Ever
14 I Am
15 Sex for Breakfast


16 All I Need
17 Glam
18 Monday Morning
19 Little Dreamer
20 Morning Dessert
21 Bobblehead
22 My Girls
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