Best Songs From Christina Aguilera's Stripped


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1 Fighter

I love every song on "Stripped" but Fighter is my favourite!

2 Walk Away

So underrated. More people know of Fighter and not enough know of Walk Away. Fighter is great. Walk Away is AMAZING!

This is the best song of this album. Walk Away is a perfect ballad.

3 Beautiful

Beautiful at 9th place? What's going on? Beautiful is number 1 with Fighter!

This is probably her best song ever. In this list it should have beautiful at the top and who the heck cares about the rest of the list.

Best song, Fighter is great, but Beautiful takes the cake, vote this until it get 1. - LukeTargaryen

4 The Voice Within

The Voice Within is the most beautiful song. I cry every time listening to it because it is that powerful. This is my favourite song of all time for that reason. It is a song with a beautiful message

The best song from the album

love it

5 Dirrty

Get dirrty with x-tina

6 I'm OK

LOVE this song. I loved seeing the video of Xtina laying on the ground singing this.

7 Soar

Whenever I get the balls to actually do it, I'm gonna get a tattoo of spread angel wings on my back with the lyrics "spread your wings and SOAR" captioned underneath. That's how much I love this song...and still it's only my third favorite on the album after "Fighter" and "I'm OK." Thinking about getting my right index finger tattooed with "Fighter" on the inner side. - theOpinionatedOne

This should be at least at the top 5. It is such an inspirational and uprising song. Xtina's vocals on this song are just stunning and the beat is so hopefull

8 Infatuation V 1 Comment
9 Get Mine, Get Yours

The music is bomb

10 Make Over

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11 Can't Hold Us Down

Why this song is on the 11th? This is the best song of his discography.

How is this 11? This is the best song! It's standing out for feminism

This is the best so far, so 90s; like Bedtime Stories by Madonna. Plus the music video is awesome

V 1 Comment
12 Keep On Singin' My Song
13 Cruz
14 Impossible
15 Loving Me 4 Me
16 Underappreciated
17 Stripped (Intro) V 1 Comment
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1. Fighter
2. I'm OK
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1. Fighter
2. I'm OK
3. Walk Away
1. Infatuation
2. Beautiful
3. The Voice Within

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