Best Songs From Colbie Caillat's Breakthrough

The Top Ten

1 I Never Told You I Never Told You Cover Art

This song is absolutely gorgeous. Whenever I feel lonely I listen to this and I automatically feel better. "I Miss Those Blue Eyes, How You Kissed Me At Night"

2 Fallin' for You Fallin' for You Cover Art
3 I Won't I Won't Cover Art
4 You Got Me You Got Me Cover Art
5 Begin Again Begin Again Cover Art
6 Rainbow Rainbow Cover Art
7 Droplets Droplets Cover Art

This song is so cute
The first time I heard it I fell in love with this song, it's just so beautiful, their both voices combined created life

8 Fearless Fearless Cover Art
9 Runnin' Around Runnin' Around Cover Art
10 It Stops Today It Stops Today Cover Art
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