Best Songs From Coldplay's a Rush of Blood to the Head

The second studio album by English rock band Coldplay

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1 The Scientist

In their best album, packed with songs like "Clocks", "In My Place", "Politik" and "Amsterdam" ; Coldplay's Track THE SCIENTIST appears one cut higher than the others with a beautiful melody and lyrics. The emotions packed in it make it one o th greatest songs in existence.

A story about a man's desire to love and an apology - MatrixGuy

Beautiful. Just plain beautiful. - sameera62

It's slightly better than Clocks. But it's close. - Userguy44

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2 Clocks

The melody on Clocks is what will make this track an endless classic. People will still be playing and appreciating this song for generations to come. - ChristianDavid

Please vote for clocks. It's amazing and I don't see how the scientist is better. The only people that don't think this song is the best haven't listened to it.

This song got a Grammy. The album was POSTPONED for this song. It became a hit on release. One of the best piano riffs of this century. Need I say anything more?

I can't hear this song without being able to sing anything but it for the next three days

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3 In My Place

I love the drum smashing start and guitar solo. My favourite Coldplay song

You mean the guitar only part? Because there is no guitar solo in this song. - Userguy44

This album is truly emotional, this song should be either in the number 2 or 3 spot.

The first Coldplay song I ever heard. A "smashing" hit

4 Warning Sign

How is this enchanting, slow moving all-time great down at number 7? On its album? - Songsta41

1) Clocks
2) The Scientist
3) Warning Sign
4) A Rush of Blood to the Head
5) Amsterdam
6) In My Place
7) Daylight
8) Politik
9) God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
10) Green Eyes
11) A Whisper - Chippieolamus

5 Politik

This is one of the most powerful songs ever made in the history of music. It's just epic, that's all I can say.

Holy crap, this song is epic. There's a reason they used this at the opening ceremony. So powerful. It really builds itself up...

This was the opening song in that album. I think it wouldn't be unfair to say the quality of this song went a long way in ensuring the success of that alum.

My favorite Coldplay song, sounds amazing!

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6 Amsterdam

This is by far the most emotional Coldplay song. "Stood on the edge, tied to a noose. But you came along and you cut me loose." And when they perform it live they always say the same thing "We haven't played this song in a while and we won't play it for a while. This is just a love song from us to you, the fans." Chris Martin doesn't seem to like it which is sad considering the depth of lyrical content.

Was an immensely difficult decision to carry out between this, the title track, & In My Place...But this track alone is highly underappreciated and invariably gets over shadowed by the popular singles above...mainly from the superficial section of Coldplay fans... - Arhaan95

I love how it goes from a slow piano ballad to a heavy guitar based song. And the lyrics are just fantastic, "stood on the edge, tied to the noose, you came along and you cut me loose." It's just an amazing song and it might be my favorite Coldplay song.

You can't be telling me that this song is only 6th? What the heck? This song must be second

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7 A Rush of Blood to the Head

Totally underrated song. The lyrics, the melody, the sadness but also the freedom it gives you in the last lines. Clearing up everything after a big mistake. "So meet me by the bridge... " Bridge is a place where two parts meet each other halfway, lovley metaphor. - ask0901

This song is so underrated

Best Coldplay song ever!
Deep powerful and sad lyrics about a man who's about to explode and break everything. It's probably one of the darkest track made by Coldplay.

Very hard to pick favourites from this brilliant album. Every song is a favourite! But if I have to choose, I would pick the title track together with the scientist as my absolute favourites. Both of the songs hit the feels so deep I can't even explain.

8 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

This is really great

Good song, but Minecraft parodies are just terrible

Underrated song, I did a Minecraft parody

Why is this 8th? LOL
I have this album and it's amazing!
This is how I think:
1) Clocks (Best coldplay song)
2) The Scientist
3) In My Place
4) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
5) Politik
6) Warning Sign
7) Daylight
8) A Rush Of Blood To The Head
9) Amsterdam
10) A whisper
11) Green Eyes

9 Green Eyes

Probably the most minimal song on the album, but it has the most beautiful build up at the end...

I love this song! One of my favorites on the album! I love the acoustic version too!

This song is highly underrated. Move it up guys

Softest song on the album, but really nice one. - Userguy44

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10 Daylight

Not as good as Clocks or The Scientist, but still good.

Very heavy and dark verse with a very melodic chorus. This song is awesome!

Not as good as Clocks or The Scientist but it is still good.

My favourite, positive and dark at the same time.

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11 A Whisper

Super underrated, very unique atmosphere, very catchy and beautiful. - mtndewlord

Very underrated. One if their best songs ever made!

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