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1 Paradise Paradise

I just love this song so much.

This is the best Coldplay's song... Nothing can compare it.. Music tune use of instruments everything made it the best song ever...

Best Chorus I Ever heard and the instrument is so amazing and it feel so entertaining song

A few seconds in and it's just breathtaking... Astounding, coldplay, good job.

2 Charlie Brown Charlie Brown

It is a very tough decision between this song and Paradise. The latter has a memorizing entrance with the strings and then throws even more heavenly sounds in your face about 33 seconds in. But Charlie Brown? It hypnotizes you with he syncopated tones at the very beginning, and then they add in the guitar riff that is actually reminiscent of "Linus and Lucy, " the theme song of the Peanuts Gang--not ripped off! It's just cool how they did that. And if you're not totally sold yet, the piano at the end will seal the deal for you! Anyways, this song deserves number one on Mylo Xyloto. Relatively new Coldplay song, but it will go down as one of their best ever. At least top five. Sorry, Paradise!

Finally, a vote on this website I can actually agree with. This is the best song Coldplay has to offer. Not just for Mylo Xyloto. I mean, who can't like this song. Let's keep this song at the top shall we. It's a great song to listen too when you're depressed and just about anytime. This song just makes me wanna get up and dance to the music in the background. It's a really touching song and the lyrics are phenomenal. This song is the best of all time second only to Laughter Lines by Bastille. Check that out too. You wont be sorry.

This and Paradise are very close on the voting, which they should be, but this song just never gets old. The guitar riff is freakishly catchy, the song has parts that are basically Chris and an acoustic and parts that have huge stadium filling sound. If you have never heard this song, do yourself a favor and listen to it.

Best song on the album. I love the use of the guitars and the lyrics are just amazing. I love it when this song comes on my iPod. Defiantly not the best Coldplay song but is the best on the album.

3 Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

I love this song because it has a very deep meaning which tells us that if we get outside from out little world then we can do anything! - gautamhans1

I like the way the song begins. It makes me feel immensely happy and lifts my spirits. Love it!

It's much better then charlie brown but on the same level of paradise - realisticevents

Quite a good song.

4 Hurts Like Heaven

The best on the album, hands down

A fast paced, well written song that has the best instrumentals and verses in the album. Clearly #1 from this album. Paradise might be the worst song on this album, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall is good but gets stale after a while, and Charlie Brown would certainly be my second pick on this album, it's a happy song, like the kind I would think of after winning an epic tennis or something like that.The second half of Up with the Birds is fantastic as well. I feel like U.F.O is a song I've heard before form Coldplay. Up in Flames is another great song.

Just love how the title track blends smoothly to this song. This song has so much happiness and positivity that you can't even resist dancing a bit. The overall feel of this song is just magical. This is one of the songs that you could listen to when you're in the car, and you hit the gas and drive through a tunnel. This is their best song in the album.

The music is really hypnotizing and this should definitely be the best song on this album! The lyrics are really fun and enjoyable fun too! This is a great song to jam out to at a concert or party!

5 Princess of China

The elements to this song make it so awesome, the seeming re-intro in the middle/late part of the song is awesome, and this song needs to be way higher up on the list

It deserves to be higher on the list, I think it is pretty underrated. - micahisthebest

6 Us Against the World

Much better than Up with the Birds or Up in Flames. The quality of this song is terriffic. Although I love also Paradise, Major minus, Hurts Like Heaven, Charlie Brown etc.

The best song on this album! it's just... perfect

Best on this album - sunsnasher

The best. For sure

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7 Don't Let It Break Your Heart

This should be at number 3 after paradise and charlie brown but what a song should have been on their live album

So powerful and moving! The beginning is as powerful as Hurts Like Heaven. Much inspiration is given by the lyrics.

This should be number one, when I get angry I hear this song and it just makes me feel so much better

This and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall are my 2 favorite songs on the album

8 Up with the Birds

Yet to ever hear a bad ending to a Coldplay album (if you use Till Kingdom Come instead of Twisted Logic for X&Y.

Up in flames major minus princess of China and mylo xyloto are better than this

9 Major Minus

Best guitar in any Coldplay song, with a unique intro and a rare solo. Interesting distorted effect in the song and it's my third favorite on Mylo Xyloto.

Major Minus deserve a better place in this top 10 for sure!

Must be higher. - sdp

It's just fantastic. Simple as that.

10 Up in Flames

Chorus is breathtaking with the beautiful melody. The meaning is wonderfully abstract.

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11 U.F.O.

This is the best Song on the album!

12 Mylo Xyloto

It's not the best song on the album, but it's what makes Hurts Like Heaven good. It introduces the album spectacularly with an interesting, grand feel. I love the whole "rock opera" concept in this album and this song is its defining point where the curtains open and the audience dies down. It's so magnificent. And then it cascades into Hurts like Heaven so brilliantly; I feel insanely bad for anyone who's heard Hurts Like Heaven without it. It's the best part of Hurts Like Heaven, and it's a brilliant start to a brilliant album. - pandagirl

13 A Hopeful Transmission
14 M.M.I.X.

How could this be last? It's a song that has no words and would be pointless if it didn't transition into Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall! I think that deserves more than last! - Songsta41

Best lyrics of any Coldplay song I've ever heard

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1. Don't Let It Break Your Heart
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