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1 Yellow

"Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you. And everything you do. And they were all YELLOW" Great song.

Although the album isn't that good, as it was there first, I especially love THIS song. - micahisthebest

2 Trouble
3 Don't Panic

So calm and soothing and I'm glad this song exists. - Songsta41

I really like it. It's really relaxing and melancholic. And it also features Johny singing the lead vocals on the 2nd verse:-)

Very relaxing song!
I always listen it when I feel bad

4 Shiver

This is the greatest Coldplay song OF ALL TIME! Why is this FOURTH on one of their albums?! This should be #1 OVERALL! It's easily better then Yellow! Even better than Trouble, also one of their greatest songs. It's SHIVER! It's EASILY the #1 Coldplay song EVER! I mean, COME ON!

Such a good song with a perfect melody and combination of instruments and chris martin's voice easily sounds the best in this song. One of my all-time favorites. - Songsta41

My first Coldplay song - one I've found easy to relate to. I love the album, but I think it's this song that makes it what it is to me.

I like shiver more than yellow..

5 Sparks

Favorite song from Parachutes for me the lyrics the love the perfect acoustic love it. - OasisFeelsLove

Takes me to like another world. It is so soothing..kind of sad but comforting to.

This should be N.1. it gives you chills.

Feeling melancholic?..This piece of art will coat your wounds and help soothe the gnawing pain..R.I.P Coldplay.😟 - Arhaan95

6 Everything's Not Lost

This should be way higher up. It's a real feel-good song. - Songsta41

7 Spies

For some reason, I've always loved this song. - sameera62

Put you in a good mood...

8 High Speed

This was the first song written of the album. Guy Berryman nailed with the bassline. The dissonance of Johnny's guitar feels some kind, call it magic (pun intended).

9 We Never Change
10 Life Is for Living

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11 Parachutes

Why is this last?

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1. Sparks
2. Yellow
3. Trouble
1. Yellow
2. Shiver
3. Trouble
1. Sparks
2. Trouble
3. Yellow

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