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1 Yellow

"Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you. And everything you do. And they were all YELLOW" Great song.

2 Trouble
3 Don't Panic

So calm and soothing and I'm glad this song exists. - Songsta41

I really like it. It's really relaxing and melancholic. And it also features Johny singing the lead vocals on the 2nd verse:-)

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4 Shiver

This is the greatest Coldplay song OF ALL TIME! Why is this FOURTH on one of their albums?! This should be #1 OVERALL! It's easily better then Yellow! Even better than Trouble, also one of their greatest songs. It's SHIVER! It's EASILY the #1 Coldplay song EVER! I mean, COME ON!

Such a good song with a perfect melody and combination of instruments and chris martin's voice easily sounds the best in this song. One of my all-time favorites. - Songsta41

My first Coldplay song - one I've found easy to relate to. I love the album, but I think it's this song that makes it what it is to me.

5 Sparks

Favorite song from Parachutes for me the lyrics the love the perfect acoustic love it. - OasisFeelsLove

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6 Everything's Not Lost

This should be way higher up. It's a real feel-good song. - Songsta41

7 Spies

For some reason, I've always loved this song. - sameera62

8 High Speed

This was the first song written of the album. Guy Berryman nailed with the bassline. The dissonance of Johnny's guitar feels some kind, call it magic (pun intended).

9 We Never Change
10 Life Is for Living

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1. Don't Panic
2. High Speed
3. Shiver
1. Sparks
2. Yellow
3. Trouble
1. Yellow
2. Shiver
3. Trouble

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