Parachutes Review

AngryByrd Parachutes, as you all know, is Coldplay's debut full-length. It was responsible for bringing the band into the mainstream and solidifying them as one if the defining bands of the 21st century. With all of this hype about the album, I must say it is praised for good reasons. It shows off Coldplay's raw, intense, and soft sound very well. Each song on the album seems to have something good to offer.

As I mentioned, this album is pretty soft. If you're one of those metal heads who can't stand soft stuff, this album is not for you. The arrangements are nice and simple, mixing acoustic strumming, a little bit of electric guitar, occasional piano, and drums that are audible, but don't have a huge presence. While simple, the songs are mostly carried by Chris Martin's emotional vocal performances, which give them enough punch to satisfy the listener, but nothing more, which is perfect. Despite the simplicity, the production work is fantastic, and it really adds to the songs' overall appeal.

My personal favorite songs from the album are Shiver, Spies, and Trouble. Shiver is one of the heaviest songs on the album, and it goes on for a satisfying five minutes, while spies is a moody track with emotional vocal and guitar work. Trouble is a piano ballad which revolves around Chris Martin's musical abilities. While these are just my favorites, there is something unique about a lot of the songs. Don't Panic has an optimistic feel, which really separates it from the moodiness of most of the other songs. On the other end, Yellow (which was easily the most well known song from the album) is a heavy song with very prominent electric guitar work and drums.

I don't really have anything negative to say about the album. The only thing is, it's one of those albums that requires you to be in the right mood. I'd suggest listening to this album in a peaceful, relaxing, and dimly lit setting. Parachutes is an amazing album, and it did a great job showing the public that Coldplay was here to stay. This is one of the most amazing debuts I have ever heard. I give Coldplay's Parachutes a 9/10. This album gives you your money's worth and much more. If you haven't heard this album in full, go listen to it right now! You won't be sorry!


Thanks for reading my review! This album actually won in a vote against Lamb of God's Sacrament to be reviewed! I will review Sacrament though… eventually. Thanks to all of my followers, supporters, and people who voted! - AngryByrd

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