Best Songs From Daft Punk's Random Access Memories

This is the rating of the songs of Daft Punk's 2013 Album Random Access Memories... Vote your choice.

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1 Instant Crush

Seroiousy best track from the album.. The vocals are just amazing... Julian rocks it off... Background score is damn too good...!

I keep listening to this song over and over again. I love Julian's voice. And I'm not even a fan of The strokes.

Amazing lyrics, amazing title, amazing melodic accompaniment! The vocals and the additional vocoder effects just top it off amazingly. Probably the most chill song of the album too.

Julian does a great job here, even with autotune

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2 Get Lucky

This song is amazing and you can dance to it too!

Really really like this song. My favorite song and probably my favorite daft punk song right now

I almost voted for Instant Crush but Get Lucky is amazing! - Ajkloth

How is this not top? I know its poppy and played a lot. But dang! This is such a great pop song. Best from R.A.M..

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3 Give Life Back to Music

Great intro song for the best album of 2013


4 Touch

This song is so intense, so pure, so deep...
Best song I heard in 2013 and in my opinion the best track of the album!

The most complex and beautiful piece on the record.

Beautiful song, very underrated.

A deep,amazing song

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5 Contact

It's got the daft punk crescendo that you die for. Love it.

This song is by far one of the best songs I have ever heard. It is simply a masterpiece.

Amazing tune can't get enough of it

Makes you feel in space... Incredible

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6 Giorgio by Morode

Definitely the best song on the album

Catchy. No wonder Giorgio Moroder won 3 academy awards and 3 Grammy awards.

Awesome song... That bass is killing.. Siriously I haven't heard anything like that before ( in that genre ) just amazing.. The ending is so epic, the song is constantly developing and you get the filling it won't get to climax..

An incredible journey of a song

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7 The Game of Love

Amazingly smooth and has the best background sound transitions

Incredibly smooth. So good.

8 Lose Yourself to Dance

Maybe the Soul Train video has touched me in excess, but I feel this song as the most disco-funk one in RAM. With those guitar riffs I think it's danceable for hours.

Sorry for my English

This song should be on the top of this list 'because it truly defines random access memories

This is the best song on the album... Very groovy guitar riff and nice electronic part

As good as get lucky. The dj part is so well coordinated along with the voice. Typical daft punk. "pure genius". The first time I heard daft punks songs, I got an instant crush

9 Within

For me this is a masterpiece. Beautiful piano and lyrics. I feel like a stranger in this world so this really touches my soul

Please tell me who am I...

Pretty cool and moving

10 Doin' It Right

The tune is really catchy and I love the vocals! For some reason, I always imagine a gummy bear panda dancing ad singing to this song.

This song should be top 3 on the album! Honestly, the song makes you want to get up a dance! Such a catchy tune!

One of the only decent tracks on this album because its with noah.

One of the best songs of daft punk...

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11 Fragments of Time

This song has the best vibe!

Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of Romanthony. Todd Edwards did a great job bringing out the meaning of this song, which is to never forget better times. We'll miss you Romanthony. :( - dylanowen

I love the overall beat to this song! why is it 11?


12 Beyond

The rythym is incredible

It has striked me from the very first listen when I decided to sit to listen to the whole album after hearing Instant Crush, Lose Yourself to Dance, Get Lucky from the same album. but from my experience, it become something more like "come for the boobs, stay for the "Beyond" "-and all the other underrated songs from the album of course, (Giorgio by Moroder, Doing' it Right, and GLBtM, to name a few). anyways definitely check out this album if you like good music regardless of the genre (i'm not an electronic music, edm, house, pop etc. fan, I mostly listen Rock-Metal)

13 Motherboard

How is this #14? This is my favourite track! Sure, it lacks a hook, but the booming industrial drums and dripping of water are so atmospheric and hypnotic...

Why no love? Great track!

Number 13 not cool should be above doing' it right

This is DF at their roots. Doing what they do best. Engaging and hypnotic, why it won't get much love is beyond me.

14 Horizon

Too under-rated-- which I suppose isn't surprising considering that this hidden gem isn't present on most versions of the album. Regardless, this is a top-class song that everyone should give a chance.

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