Best Songs From David Guetta's Nothing But the Beat


The Top Ten

1 Turn Me On


2 Titanium

Possibly, David Guetta's best track yet.

Ohh man! This song should be at #1, but I don't know how is this here @3. Everything is fantastic about this song. Should be @1. :(

Perfect masterpiece if I ever saw one. This should top the list. - DontMessWithDaddylonglegs

3 Where Them Girls At

Simply Super Lyrics Awesome Music! Amazing

That goes to #1 this week

From this album 1. where them girls at 2. titanium 3. without you 4. turn me on 5. she wolf (falling to pieces)

4 Without You
5 Little Bad Girl
6 Sweat

Seriously dz is number 1 music!

7 I Can Only Imagine

Are people dum how can this not be in the top three. The video is so cool. David Guetta is by far the best dj in the world. Chris is the best singer in the world and Lil Wayne is the best rapper. Is my favourite song.

Best (David Guetta) song ever! Chris Brown & Lil Wayne also good

Cool & really awesome song

8 I Just Wanna F.

Catchy song. Love the beats so much. It should be number one. David guetta is best dj in whole earth.

I just wanna F...

9 Night of Your Life
10 Crank It Up

The Contenders

11 She Wolf

The beat is just awesome guys
Try this one and then decide your best
U will be forced to move your body with the goddamm beat
Like thi

12 Play Hard
13 Every Chance We Get We Run
14 Metropolis
15 Sunshine

The reason that nobody votes for this is that most of you haven’t heard it. Just listen to it you’ll like it!

16 Dreams
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