She Wolf


For me She Wolf is an exceedingly up-beat track, the kind you would want to listen to when your feeling really happy on a bright summers day or out in a club. The beats are very catchy, it makes you want to dance like crazy too so I think it should in the top 3.

Undoubtedly the best video, vocal and soundtrack combination from any artist in the last 5 years, maybe more...

Personally, this is my favourite. I love all the changes of the song, starting calm then having an energetic moment. This is David Guetta at its best!

This song is better than Titanium, Titanium lacks of good drops and melody, Sia's work is great too.

My List Will Be -
1. She Wolf
2. Shot Me Down
3. Titanium
4. Without You
5. Addicted to You (David Guetta Remix) - WillWords

Seriously?! How is this not in the top ten?! I love it

This is a really very good song after titanium

Newest and one of his best songs ever, this should be at least on the top 5

Just my favorite song ever, I will never get tired to listen that song...

This song is amazingly incredible... Her voice is so very strong!

Guys are you kidding? This song is amazing! It MUST be in top 5!

This really has to be number 1 it has edge over Titanium

I love she wolf and titanium thanks for great music!

With this song David guetta show that he is the best

Great song.. Music is awesome.. Sia voice is good

This song is amazing I sing it all the time!

This song is great! Should be at least top 15

Can't Tell Anything..."Best Song Forever"..

Absolutely the best Guetta's song!

Wonderful music with the beautiful voice of Sia and the amazing beats by David Guetta. Truly one of his bests. This song must be in the Top Ten List!

GuettA proved that a Dj can be a terrific music composer... Sia's voice made the blast... The song deserves the top 10 list... Cudos...

The melody of the songs starts out mysteriously then explodes with pounding adrenaline. Sia's voice gives me goosebumps. Well done!

This piece is just his best! Damn, you gotta admit it, He IS THE BEST DJ IN THIS WORLD!

Loads better than titanium. the beats simply rock one of the best songs ever.

Just MindBlowing.. Cnt stop my Body Moving.. Music is breathtaking.. My first Song of David and this Man Is a Master!