Best Songs From Deadmau5's Random Album Title

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1 I Remember

Truly, I Remember should be second to no deadmau5 song. It is brilliant in every respect. Faxing Berlin over this? Yeah, sure. As much as I like snake venom in my burrito. - PositronWildhawk

Seriously, this just couldn't be any lower on this list.

My second favorite track right after Aural Psynapse. - SwagFlicks

2 Alone with You

How can you not love it? If you hate simplistic, you'll hate this, but if you're like me and care for simplistic sounds, you'll love it. Look it up, it's incredible! Best from Random Album Title. - Nebby_

What's This number 4? This is my favourite song on RAT in my opinion!

The Best Track Of Deadmau5

One of his best tracks - hurrhurrman

3 Arguru

This song has a very calm and relaxing beat which is why I liked it better then any other song on this album

No competition, this song is better than the rest combined. It's pure beauty.

I love this whole album, but this one song stands out from the rest - Frantic713

4 Faxing Berlin

This should be number one.

Why is this at number 3?!

5 Not Exactly

Honestly this is a song that is given such little credit although it has an amazing beat and synths.

This, I think, should be second. I just love this track, everything about it. - PositronWildhawk

6 Brazil (2nd Edit)

Should be higher

Best RAT song

Brazil (2nd Edit) in 6th! This is my 2nd all time favourite deadmau5 song behind strobe! The beats are incredible, everything, the build up the intro, the drop is absolutely magical! MOAR V0TE5 4 Brazil (2ND EDIT) PEOPLE!

7 Sometimes Things Get, Whatever

Defintly should be higher - me3p0

8 Complications
9 Slip
10 So There I Was

So there I was...

The Contenders

11 Some Kind of Blue
12 Afterhours (Electro House Mix)
13 Never Gonna Give You Up
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