Best Songs From Disturbed's Album Asylum

Asylum is the fifth studio album by American heavy metal band Disturbed. Taking inspiration from other aspects of lead singer David Draiman's life (as well as various world conditions), Asylum is meant to take a fresh direction in the band's music career, while remaining consistent with the band's previous albums. The album was released on August 31, 2010 in the United States through Reprise Records.
The Top Ten
1 Asylum Asylum Cover Art

I listen to that song almost everyday, every time. It never gets boring. - MikeTyson

its pretty close since several others from this album are awesome but id have to say this is #1. P. S. amazing music video

Brought their original bass player back to write this song. That's 50 percent of the reason why it's so good. But yes, amazing song

For Asylum (relive a lie) to let go now it's dragging me into your grave! Best Asylum song hands down

2 The Animal The Animal Cover Art

Woo hoo! The animal is a beast song. Either this or asylum is the best from the album. But there's no arguing with the fact that the animal was a single before warrior and has a music video too. This song is definitely in the band's favor

This is easily one of the best Disturbed songs I have ever heard. It is a true masterpiece. Better than anything from Ten Thousand Fists

Simply the best

This is the best of this album I mean come on:-D

3 Warrior Warrior Cover Art

Asylum didn't impress me quite much!.. This song however was "some good"!
Definitely better than Asylum, Way2Di and equivalent to Animal.
Top 5 should be,
1. Animal
2. Warrior
3. Infection
4. Asylum
5. Another Way To Die

Yes, my second favorite song. - MikeTyson

4 Another Way to Die Another Way to Die Cover Art

I hope you y'all can repent in time for not voting this one. ;)

5 The Infection The Infection Cover Art

This song is awesome! It has an an awesome riff and an amazing chorus, should be higher ob the list! - dragon13304

6 Serpentine Serpentine Cover Art

its a really great song, warrior is the best though. and I don't know why never again isn't on the list its also awesome

This song has a nostalgic effect.

7 Sacrifice Sacrifice Cover Art

Haha, I knew I'd be in the minority here. I don't know what is about this song; I just love the lyrics. The pre-chorus is awesome and the chorus is just flat out amazing. It might be a bit slow-paced for some, I guess.

This song is amazing! Most underrated Disturbed song ever

8 Never Again Never Again Cover Art
9 Crucified Crucified Cover Art
10 My Child My Child Cover Art
The Contenders
11 Remnants Remnants Cover Art

The best intro ever! one of my favs from disturbed. - dragon13304

12 Innocence Innocence Cover Art
13 Old Friend
14 Leave It Alone
15 Ishfwilf Ishfwilf Cover Art
16 The Vengeful One The Vengeful One Cover Art
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