Best Songs From Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists

Best Songs Of Disturbed The Great Lovely Album Ten thousand Fists.

The Top Ten

1 Stricken
2 Ten Thousand Fists

You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of
Ten Thousand fists in the air
Hell Yeah!

3 Decadence
4 Land of Confusion

Sorry Genesis, Disturbed plays better and kicks better ass than y'all.

I would start head-banging while listening to this song in my I-pod because they played ith heavier than Genesis's original Land of Confusion.

This song is great, even the music video of it.

5 Pain Redefined

My favorite song by Disturbed. One of my favorite choruses ever.

6 Sons of Plunder

So underrated.. One of best songs of Disturbed!

7 I'm Alive

Epic song! One of the best

8 Just Stop

My favorite disturbed song other than the vengeful one

9 Guarded
10 Deify

The Contenders

11 Sacred Lie

I don't know why but I find this song the best on the album except maybe "Stricken". The verses make me wanna jump someone

1 - Stricken
2 - TTF
3 - Decadence

4 - Sacred Lie
5 - Deify
6 - Just Stop
7 - Sons of Plunder
8 - Land of Confusion
9 - Forgiven

10 - Pain Redefined
11 - I'm Alive
12 - Guarded

13 - Overburdened
14 - Avarice

12 Hell
13 Overburdened
14 Avarice
15 Monster
16 Forgiven
17 Two Worlds
18 Sickened
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