Best Songs From the Doors Album Waiting for the Sun


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1 Hello, I Love You UListen to Sample
2 Five to One

This list seems more or less legit. - Gg2000

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3 Not to Touch the Earth

I'm sorry but this is THE best song from the doors.

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4 Love Street UListen to Sample
5 Spanish Caravan

This should be first.

the best

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6 Summer's Almost Gone

This is the most memorable song from the album. One of my favorites. It could all change cause I haven't listened to any of the songs from Waiting for the Sun in a long time. - Slipperyjack40

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7 Yes, The River Knows UListen to Sample
8 My Wild Love UListen to Sample
9 The Unknown Soldier UListen to Sample
10 Wintertime Love UListen to Sample

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11 We Could Be So Good Together UListen to Sample
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1. Spanish Caravan
2. The Unknown Soldier
3. Not to Touch the Earth
1. Not to Touch the Earth
2. Love Street
3. Hello, I Love You
1. Hello, I Love You
2. Five to One
3. Not to Touch the Earth

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