Best Songs From Dream Theater's Awake

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1 Scarred

I'm not a fan of DT and progressive metal in overall but for me it's one of their most accessible song on this album with Space Dye and The Silent Man. My favourite with Pull Me Under.

So emotional and heavy

I love this song very good lyrics guitars and amazing vocals deserves top 3 also its underrated like this album dt is probaly my favorite band they may have long songs but they are amazing

2 Space-Dye Vest

Best song on this album j wish kevin moore didn't quit this is the most relaxing song next to silent man

1- Space-Dye Vest
2- Scarred
3- Lie
4- Lifting Shadows Of A Dream
5- Voices
6- The Mirror
7- Erotomania
8- Caught in A Web
9- Innocence Faded
10- The Silent Man
11- 6:00

3 Voices

Some of Dream Theater's best lyrics, coupled with LaBrie's better-than-normal singing and the brilliant as usual music make for a brilliant song.

Best lyrics than Petrucci ever wrote. One of their best songs, definitely the best on the album. - Caleb9000

4 The Mirror

Heaviest song from this album and one of the best lie (the second part of this) is also very good

Is it just me, this album gives me subtle vibes of Iron Maiden.. - Arhaan95

5 Lie

Easily one of Petrucci's best solos. - fidelcanojr

It also has a cool video. - IronSabbathPriest

Heavy and amazing
8. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
7. Innocence Faded
6. Caught In A Web
5. 6:00
4. Space Dye Vest
3. A Mind By Itself
2. Scarred
1. Mirror/Lie

6 Innocence Faded
7 Erotomania

Best - Glauberson

8 6:00

What?!?! This song is so underrated! It's one of their best songs people wake up and smell the coffee!

10 what best intro to an album ever deserves top 5

This song has such a great drum intro - V4noM

Why is this at the bottom?!

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9 Lifting Shadows Off a Dream

Very good and soft like space dye vest

Best song written by Myung. - Caleb9000

Surely better than U2.

10 Caught In a Web

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11 The Silent Man

This song is very calm and gets the point across in a very concise way. Short and brilliant song

Why is this so far down the list its so relaxing like space dye vest

Favourite - Megad0rk

12 Eve

What? Not even a song. - Gamefreak23788

Lol - V4noM

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1. Space-Dye Vest
2. The Mirror
3. Scarred
1. Scarred
2. Voices
3. Innocence Faded
1. Scarred
2. The Mirror
3. Lie

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