Best Songs From Dream Theater's Awake

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1 Space-Dye Vest

Best song on this album j wish kevin moore didn't quit this is the most relaxing song next to silent man

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2 Scarred

I love this song very good lyrics guitars and amazing vocals deserves top 3 also its underrated like this album dt is probaly my favorite band they may have long songs but they are amazing

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3 Voices

Some of Dream Theater's best lyrics, coupled with LaBrie's better-than-normal singing and the brilliant as usual music make for a brilliant song.

4 The Mirror

Heaviest song from this album and one of the best lie (the second part of this) is also very good

5 Erotomania

Best - Glauberson

6 Lie

Heavy and amazing
8. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
7. Innocence Faded
6. Caught In A Web
5. 6:00
4. Space Dye Vest
3. A Mind By Itself
2. Scarred
1. Mirror/Lie

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7 Innocence Faded
8 Lifting Shadows Off a Dream

Very good and soft like space dye vest

9 6:00

What?!?! This song is so underrated! It's one of their best songs people wake up and smell the coffee!

10 what best intro to an album ever deserves top 5

Why is this at the bottom?!

1. 6:00
2. Space Dye Vest
3. Scarred
4. Voices
5. Lie
6. The Mirror
7. The Silent Man
8. Caught in a Web
9. Erotomania
10. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
11. Innocence Faded

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10 The Silent Man

This song is very calm and gets the point across in a very concise way. Short and brilliant song

Why is this so far down the list its so relaxing like space dye vest

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11 Caught In a Web
12 Eve
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