Best Songs From Dream Theater's Black Clouds and Silver Linings

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1 The Count of Tuscany

For me, it's this song and it's not even close

No competition here.


1- The Count Of Tuscany
2- The Best Of Times
3- A Nightmare To Remember
4- The Shattered Fortress
5- Wither
6- A Rite Of Passage

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2 A Nightmare to Remember

I attempt playing the drums to this but failed I can't play a 16 min song while portnoy can play 8 hours

This song is absolutely perfect

1. A Nightmare to Remember
2. The Count of Tuscany
3. The Shattered Fortress
4. The Best of Times
5. A Rite of Passage
6. Wither

1. Nightmare to remember
2. The count of Tuscany
3. The shattered fortress
4. The best of times
5. A rite of passage
6. Wither

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3 The Best of Times

13 MIN. LONG I love this song. It has a great solo at the end. This is the 2nd best song in my opinion the count of tuscany is the best but this song is a sad song because its talking about mike portnoys parent that died In loving memory of howard portnoy I think its mikes father but this song is sad and also has good music I hope this goes to 2

4 The Shattered Fortress

This song is a sequel to the root of all evil, because you hear the refrain to the root of all evil in this song a couple of times

The ending of the Twelve-step suite, just a masterpiece, should be at least 4!

What? This list is upside down.

And don't forget about the glass prison in the end.

5 Wither
6 A Rite of Passage

Personally my favorite song on the album. So good because it is not as long as the others. 8 minutes is still a kind of long song. Also not to mention it's a lyrical work of art!

The keyboard solo makes me laugh every time! Especially the part that sounds like a kazoo!

Why is this last its just as good as the others

Should be higher than wither.

7 Odyssey
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1. The Count of Tuscany
2. The Shattered Fortress
3. A Nightmare to Remember
1. The Count of Tuscany
2. The Best of Times
3. A Nightmare to Remember
1. The Count of Tuscany
2. A Nightmare to Remember
3. The Best of Times

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