Best Songs From Dream Theater's Falling Into Infinity

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1 Trial of Tears

Very amazing song. With perfect lyrics
Its raining raining raining on the streets of New York City
Its raining raining raining deep in heaven

1- Trial Of Tears
2- Peruvian Skies
3- Hollow Years
4- Hell's Kitchen
5- Lines In The Sand
6- New Millenium
7- Anna Lee
8- Take Away My Pain
9- Burning My Soul
10- Just Let Me Breathe
11- You Not Me

2 Lines in the Sand

Another fine solos by both Derek on keys, setting the mood and build up when John does his 2nd best solo here

This song rocks like trail of tears and Peruvian skies most underrated songs and this is the most underrated album

3 Peruvian Skies

The guitars is epic best song on this album

4 Hollow Years

So simple yet so catchy and full of feelings...

1. Hollow Years
2. Trial of Tears
3. Lines in the Sand
4. Hell's Kitchen
5. Peruvian Skies
6. New Millennium
7. Burning My Soul
8. Take Away My Pain
9. Just Let Me Breathe
10. You Not Me
11. Anna Lee

5 Hell's Kitchen

The Mood begins building setting up one of John's finest solo's. The first solo that displays passion, and technique continued from the days of Images and Words on this album. Speed isn't everything, but used sparingly, makes a great statement as it does here.

It shows dream theater can make a perfectly moving song in just four minutes without any lyrics at all. pretty cool

6 New Millenium

Oh come on this album isn't that bad

7 Take Away My Pain

I was sitting on the edge of the water...

8 Anna Lee
9 Burning My Soul
10 You Not Me

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11 Just Let Me Breathe

Not the worst but not the best either should be higher than you not me

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1. Lines in the Sand
2. Trial of Tears
3. Peruvian Skies
1. Trial of Tears
2. Lines in the Sand
3. Hollow Years
1. Lines in the Sand
2. Trial of Tears
3. Hollow Years

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