Best Songs From Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP


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1 Stan

This song tells a story of a fan... Just wonderful... I miss the old Eminem... I mean slim shady and his voice... Old is gold!

It talks about the ways fans look up to him and how he feels guilty about the way he treats them at time. It's an interesting story in his head and pretty sad and a song that twists the hearts feelings.

All time classic, it tells a very interesting story. It's an unforgettable song.

Dido's chorus is awesome, whether it's from her song, Thank You, or here when she let Em use it, it's just great.

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2 The Way I Am

Love how he sticks up for Manson.

People put stan at 1# because someone died, this song has better beat and I love how he is angry

Such a great technique and an amazing beat also great chorus and good pace

This song is incredible- the only song I've ever heard where the cadence is perfectly out of phase with the beat

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3 The Real Slim Shady

Well the real slim shady please stand up

The funniest Eminem song ever, and one of the best #Classics

Great lyrically and gives people who deserve it a dis

People would probably expect this, I know, but it’s so good. Funny beat, funny lyrics, defientely an amazing song. - Trex821

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4 Kill You

One of his most creative and "controversial" tracks.

This is a excellent display of how Eminem changed the game single handedly with a pen and a lot to say, in my mind this is second on the album after The Way I am. The second verse makes me wanna die so then I can come back and listen to it for a first time again

Dude this song is just funny and catchy as hell


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5 Criminal

Best, funniest, craziest song Eminem has ever done. Never gets old. " I'm the bad guy who makes fun of people that die in plane crashes and laughs as long as it ain't happen to him"

Great rhymes, and nice role playing. (=

Funny and witty, it's so sarcastic, straight message to the critics!


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6 Marshall Mathers

Sings great in the chorus. Definitely one of his best songs

Tells a lot and disses a lot of people one of Eminem's Best songs - burningninja06

That's definitely his most underrated song.

Its d best song of 2000

7 I'm Back

The Sequel to My Name Is

That chorus is awesome! Better than Stan in my opinion but that's just because this song is a little more my style. I will never diss Stan though.

Underrated, should be looked at in the same group as My Name Is, Real Slim Shady, & Without Me

I take 7 kids from Columbine put em all in line, add an AK47, a Revolver, a Nine, a Mac 11...

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8 Who Knew

The funniest song in my opinion... very much underrated

Very underrated Eminem song

Best hook of all time

BEst ever - MikaBeeWall

9 Kim

So much emotion and passion. It makes you feel like your in a horror movie. Its genius! I understand a lot of people not likng it because its so scary and violent but like he said in criminal and the way I am its just a way to vent. If you want to get anger out and scared this is the song for you.

A mix of anger, emotion, and his past. em puts it all behind by putting his built up rage on kim, which is just pure genius. ( I wouldn't want this to happen in real life though) I love it. should be either #1 or #2 because stan was also reall amazing

If you look past all the violence and dark, twisted themes, you uncover a true masterpiece of a song

This song is like an abstract painting. I understand that it's supposed to be art, but I don't like looking/listening to it. It should not be on a top ten list. - JCompton

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10 Bitch Please II

"I just want you all to notice me and people to see
That somewhere deep down, there's a decent human being in me
It just can't be found, so the reason you've been seeing this me
Is cause this is me now"
What a lyrics, so much meaning and such a good song...

Really underrated song. Not a single weak verse on this song. At the time this was the 4 hottest rappers in one song with Nate dogg's great chorus.

Hilarious song, in my opinion its one of the more forgotten and under rated songs

His verse is hilarious.
"Want me to tone it down? (low voice) Suck my ... You happy now? "

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11 Drug Ballad

Easily one of the best and most heart wrenching songs on the album. The concept of drug addiction as a person loving something so much they depend on it is interesting. Overall a great song, though it does seem a bit different. It's different in a good way.

Awesome song... it deserves to be in top five

Best Song of the whole album.
Best part - "I'm going to a pretty place now where the flowers grow,
I'll be back in an hour or so"

So underrated

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12 Under the Influence

How could this possibly be 14th? This song is just as humorous if not more humorous then The Real Slim Shady. This is a good song!

Twas pretty good

There isn't one bad song on this album but this is pure funny awesomeness so I'm choosing this.

Shouldn't be last. This is great.

13 Remember Me?

Both Sticky and Eminem had incredibly good verses. Might not be the catchiest song but lyrically its great.

I love the emotion and anger in Eminem's verse.

This song was GREAT.

RBX's verse is crap but after that...


overall I still can't decide whose verse is better; stickys' or ems'

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14 Amityville

The aggression in the final verse is something else

MENTALLY ILL FROM AMITYVILLE! That will be stuck in my head for days now. - Lasvegasxavier

I really like the hook. Some of the rap isn't that good though.

Great hook

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15 The Kids

The most underrated Eminem song. I love the South Park parody in this song "Drugs are just bad Mmkay" overall this song is really funny and worth a listen

16 Public Service Announcement 2000

This is pretty funny. LOL

17 The Monster

What the hell this is from Marshall Mathers LP2 - Midevilnight

18 Paul

Come on people Paul is such a good song that it is in most Eminem's early

Eh. It's ok.

19 So Far...
20 Steve Berman

Rather listen to this man's skits than young thug

Most iconic skit in rap history.

21 Ken Kaniff

Nastiest grossest most sickest thing I have ever heard but I like the classic background music

22 Bad Guy
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