Best Songs From Eminem's The Slim Shady LP


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1 Rock Bottom Rock Bottom

The only serious song in this album. Pro lyrics, Eminem is so honest about his life. So underrated...

The most underrated song next to infinite

Such a lyrically beautiful song.

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2 My Name Is My Name Is

This song is just a classic, and what made Eminem start

Awesome song. And I love how in the music video he dresses as Marilyn Manson.

I like this one because it's funny lol

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3 Just Don't Give a F*** Just Don't Give a F***

How how how is this not number 1 seriously really show the slim shady in him verse 1 one of the greatest hip hop verses of all time

The best song on the album hands down

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4 Role Model Role Model

Amazing delivery. Dark humor. Really just summarises Slim. This should be at least in the Top 3. - Realpbc

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5 Guilty Conscience Guilty Conscience

Do they even make raps like this anymore? This is awesome.

6 Brain Damage Brain Damage V 1 Comment
7 Still Don't Give a F*** Still Don't Give a F***

How is this not #1. I like every song on this album except for 97 Bonnie & Clyde, but this song is truly amazing. I find songs like "My Name Is" are really overrated, and somehow "Just Don't Give a F***" is ahead of this song. In my opinion, this is a rare case of a song outdoing its predecessor. - Totalbeasto001

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8 97' Bonnie & Clyde 97' Bonnie & Clyde

Actually Kim is the prequel to this

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9 As the World Turns As the World Turns

So funny, really have to listen to the lyrics

What this should be number 2 behind the song my name is - steelers1979

10 I'm Shady I'm Shady

Most underrated song of the Slim Shady LP

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11 If I Had If I Had

So honest Eminem, beat so very sad and flow the best. Just listen this!

Best song most truthful about life

12 Bad Meets Evil Bad Meets Evil

Awesome song First song Of The Bad Meets Evil Series Then became a group later on - burningninja06

13 My Fault My Fault V 1 Comment
14 C** on Everybody C** on Everybody

Always one of the slim shady songs I go back to when I'm fed up of angry Eminem. catchy chorus and verses.

15 Paul Paul
16 Bitch Bitch
17 Lounge Lounge
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1. As the World Turns
2. Just Don't Give a F***
3. My Name Is
1. My Name Is
2. As the World Turns
3. Just Don't Give a F***
1. My Name Is
2. Role Model
3. Just Don't Give a F***

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