Best Songs from Enrique Iglesias' Insomniac


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1 Somebody's Me

This song of enrique is really very heart touching. I cannot live a single day without hearing this song. This is a very special song to everyone who are in love.

Best lyrics ever..."I walk the streets alone..."

Cool song, awesome singer, the best lyrics...

Nooo voice like my Hero enriiique

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2 Do You Know?

THIS IS IT! When I Heard This song first time my heart Completely out from my body This is heart touching song and a LIFE COMPLETE SONG I heard it about 1000 Times in a weak This song is for them who fall in love

This song helps you to find out your love..! You have to listen this song!

Do you know is one of the best song of enrique! And my favriot

3 Tired of Being Sorry

This song should be on top. It's my favourite song

Fabb love it... Both singr and song

4 Sweet Isabel

One of the most beautiful songs

5 Push
6 Miss You
7 On Top of You

Every word of this song is like piercing my heart.. And tune is out of this world

8 Little Girl

I just can't stop myself from listening to this song

I always cry when I hear its music. It's just awesome and great work! Every time I thank YOU and LOVE yoYOU!


9 Stay Here Tonight

Just listen this song it's so sweet song!

It's the best song ever. It should be on top.

10 Don't You Forget About Me

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11 Ring My Bells

The beat and lyric are so perfect!

I love this song

I fell in love with Enrique's songs once I listened to this song.the rhythm and tune of this song is mind blowing

12 Wish I Was Your Lover

The most awesome song ever with the best music and lyrics. 2nd best by enrique after stay here tonight

I love this song

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