Best Songs From Five Finger Death Punch's American Capitalist Album

A list of your favorite songs from Five Finger Death Punch's third studio album, American Capitalist.

The Top Ten Best Songs From Five Finger Death Punch's American Capitalist Album

1 Under and Over It

Best song on the album, that's why it was the first single. Excellent singing by Moody, great instrumental. Great lyrics as well.

2 Coming Down

This will always be my favorite song. It has so much feeling. It says all the words no one will never be able to sit down and explain. Great song for people thinking of attempting suicide or going through any type of depression.

3 American Capitalist

This tune is awesome!

4 Menace
5 100 Ways to Hate

How is this not in top 3? I mean 8 come on whoever said this song is dumb and overrated needs to see a doctor

How Is this not in top 3? I mean 8 common

This song is so overrated I hate this song it's dumb My favorite is Coming Down

This is an amazing track and is so underrated. It has amazing
Vocals and drum fills. This is the ultimate headbanger.

6 Back for More
7 Remember Everything

Great song one of my favorites

My second FFDP song. Defnintely my favourite. Wish they would have done a longer solo though.

8 The Pride

This songs makes you feel badass to be American, definitely needs to be in top ten

Disneyland, White House, JFK and Mickey Mouse.
America, F*** YEAH!

9 If I Fall
10 Generation Dead

So good, when ivan sings that calm line and gets heavy again just is so amazing

I can not understand why this song is so underrated. Just unbelivable rhythm!

My list is like:
American Capitalist
Comin down
Grneration dead
The pride
Under and over it
Wicked ways
Remember everything
Back for more
If I fall
100 ways to hate
The tragic truth

The Contenders

11 Wicked Ways
12 The Tragic Truth

You can hear how personal this song is for ivan in his voice

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