Best Songs From the Foo Fighters' Wasting Light

These are the best songs from the Foo Fighters' 2011 album, Wasting Light.

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1 Walk Walk

Walk is a very amazing an catchy song! I used to listen to it everyday on the bus on the way to school, then again when I get home, I blast it on the big speakers! - dragon13304

This song is just amazing - UsernameHere

To the top!

2 Rope Rope

Really? This should be number 2

3 Bridge Burning Bridge Burning

I love Bridge Burning so much, the lyrics just itch me and nag at me so I play it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! It was also so good they put on Madden NFL 12 - MaxAttaxSportz

4 These Days

I'm gettin through high school pretty rough but this song (i listen to it on the bus on bad days) makes me feel better

These days is simply the best for me, it has a energy and a calm post Nirvana style...

The sound of noise versus the sound of silence.
Great contrast, great vocals, great guitars

I know its not the best but the meaning underlying is amazingso please vote

5 White Limo

Best Foo FIghter Song!

Amazing live

6 Dear Rosemary

My new favorite Foo Fighters song!

7 Arlandria

First song I heard on the album in early 2017, the pre-chorus is amazing

The "You used to say I couldn't save you enough" part is my favorite part off of the whole album

All songs from Wasting Light are really good. I can surely name the worst ones: Matter Of Time and Back & Forth. They are not bad, but amongst the others they don't shine enough.
However, naming the best song from WL is much harder. I love Walk, as it is pure Foo Fighter's hyper-melodic stuff. I love Bridge Burning, as it is great opener and as it kicks ass. Also I Should Have Known for its athmosphere and complexity. And so on, I could say something like that on any other song (instead of the two mentioned as worst ones).
But there's one that absolutely shocked me when I heard it first and it does again and again, every time. It's the most grungy one, but in a really weird way. It's extreme version of Grohl's doctrine: The original rhythm comes from up'n'down movement of jumping masses, then leading into mellowed parts and rising up again just to escalate in screaming moments. And a multiple stage chorus-prechorus system, which Dave created by figuring out one chorus, thinking ...more

In my opinion, the best part of the album is the "i never wanna die, I never wanna die..." part in walk, that's pure awesomeness.
But the best song in general is Arlandria. That silence every now and then, only one guitar and grohl's vocals, sometimes whispering. Goosebumps in every part of the song, it just matches. matches itself, matches my mood in every mood I am in, matches my life. And the name ist quite nice, I love that.

8 Back & Forth

Pretty catchy in my opinion

9 I Should Have Known

Dave grohl himself said that this was his favourite song from wasting light. He also mentioned that this song is about Kurt and nirvana

It's a epic song! The bass solo is awesome!

Best song ever

10 Miss the Misery

My personal favorite from this album...
Anyway, The album was named after the lyrics of the song, "don't change your mind you're wasting light... "

This is the best one on the album in my opinion.

Best Foo Fighters song. Period.

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11 A Matter of Time


Sad to see this song so low this one is amazing shows the real reality of the world and life must listen song from the foo fihters #respect from India

Man ijust love this song from beginning to end

11. I Should Have Known
10. Back And Forth
9. White Limo
8. A Matter Of Time
7. Dear Rosemary
6. Rope
5. Arlandria
4. Miss The Misery
3. These Days
2. Walk
1. Bridge Burning

12 Better Off

The Bonus track on the Deluxe Version. It is one of the best on the album. - treyanthonyyeah

13 Learn to Fly

Great song, but whoever put the song on this list, WRONG ALBUM! THAT SONG IS FROM There is Nothing Left to Lose (1999)

What!?!? This isn't even from the album, it's from There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999) - Gamer231

Great song. Can't say more

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1. Miss the Misery
2. Walk
3. Dear Rosemary
1. Walk
2. Better Off
3. Rope
1. Walk
2. Rope
3. Bridge Burning

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