Best Songs From Franz Ferdinand

The Top Ten Best Songs From Franz Ferdinand

1 Take Me Out

Enough said really. This song is too epic and the beat is unbelievably infectious.
Its also in The Rolling Stones top 500 songs of ALL TIME. Need I say any more.

This track is exactly where it should be! Nothing comes close. No You Girls should be 2nd though!

This is the unquestioned #1 for Franz Ferdinand. Epic beginning leads to a just as epic core. This is what makes indie... Well... Indie! Great stuff!

Don't use the term "indie" it's a word used to describe alternative music when it was like the screamo of the time. It's kind of offensive to alternative bands that worked this hard to be considered unpopular

2 Ulysses

Good music love the chorus

Its perfect! For me THE ONE

What?! Uysses just the 8th?! Ain't got no one ears?

3 No You Girls

Oh kiss me. Flick your cigarette and then kiss me. Kiss me where your eye won't meet me.

Addicting, sexy, and smart. Sounds dreamy right? I could literally create a whole dance routine with this song.

This song is hot and sexy, but with a dash of class and maturity. I say this was a great achievement. They managed to make it sexy, but in a very classy way.

Best franz Ferdinand song! Definitely first!

4 The Dark of the Matinee

Take Me Out probably in the best position but the Matinee is a superb shoved out of the spotlight by the other songs of the album

Simple song and not the deepest but it's still great. Catchy and awesome!

One of my fave songs by this AWESOME band!

Simple yet very good in its own very way

5 Right Action

Great song! Should definitely be higher

6 The Fallen

Best guitar and gritty sound

Way better than Ulysses!

Really? This should be #2!

Very good song.

7 This Fire

This song makes me feel better when I boring

The video and the song are very catchy

This song is amazing in concert - ziggylfe

This is should be in top five, the drums give us awesome goosebump

8 Do You Want To

I loved this song in the anime paradise kiss it is awesome! Franz ferdinand is one of the best bands ever!
Anyone who doesn't love them are stupid

An awesome song with excellent beats


the best

9 Jacqueline

This should be the first. It's their best song

I love that song very much

10 Love Illumination

By far one of there best

This song makes me very very happy! Top5 of franz ferdinand with no doubt!

Great song with a good beat and a catchy riff top 5 for sure

My Favorite. Definitely top 10 at least.

The Contenders

11 Stand on the Horizon

Amazing transition from intro into the song. Gets you dancing. Great song overall.

12 Walk Away

Perfect to say good bye!

This is a pretty good song. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Great break-up song - ziggylfe

13 Lucid Dreams

The 8 min version is simply magnificent the change from their indie-rock sound to progressive house beat is both effective and infectious

This song is amazing and I listened to it for literally seven hours straight. His voice sounds unique and amazing!

Listen to the 8 min version and then tell me this one doesn't deserve top 3

Favorite song at the moment, this song has everything

14 This Boy
15 Treason! Animals
16 Outsiders

This song is so awesome. it is the best underrated song in my opinion. franz ferdinand does a lot of good underrated stuff. but on the radio they don't play a lot of franz ferdinand. they are a really good band. they are my favorite band. - mkultra5

The way it closes out "You Could Have it So Much Better".. Wow! Just an amazing song by Franz Ferdinand.

The best of the "lesser known" songs of that incredible band

An imfectious mantra for the ears.

17 Turn It On
18 You Could Have It So Much Better

Extremely underrated Franz Ferdinand song

It's the name of the album

19 What She Came For

The electronic music and lyrics make to be a great song.

It is simply cool!

20 Evil Eye

Should definitely be higher, amazing song!

So good... No idea why it's not first!


21 40 Ft

This song is my all time favorite. I don't know why, just love their band and the quality of their music. Also, if you care I think the lyrics to this song are about Icarus and Daedalus.

Don't know why this isn't higher on the list, I would rank it equal to the likes of 'No you Girls' and 'Ulysses'. It certainly stands out to me as one of their better songs.

22 Michael

Should be on the Top 10, this song is amazingly good

Come on this song is catchy and hilarious!

One of the bests!

Just a great song

23 Come on Home

A beautiful song from this gem of a band. Very different to their usual style but sounds fantastic.

Very catchy

24 Auf Achse

Definitely deserve an upvote from me, very underrated.

Should be at the 1st or 2nd place. Absolutely underrated

This song is s nice. It's way underrated. It should be is:
Aus Asche
Take me Out
Universe Expanded
Lucid Dreams
Dark of the Matinee
Fresh Strawberries
This Fire

25 Darts of Pleasure

Such a fun song, and kind of naughty! Should be in the top 10 for sure and is probably my third favorite, eclipsed by No You Girls and the Dark of the Matinee.

Addicting tune!

26 Eleanor Put Your Boots On

Best song of FF ever. Listen to it

27 Bullet

Never get your bullet out of my head now!

28 I'm Your Villain

There's something so calm but chaotic.

29 You're the Reason I'm Leaving

This is just the perfect mix of riffs.

30 Bite Hard

I think this is one of their best songs, lyrically speaking. A very cleverly written song about biting the bullet, full of double meanings and great imagery it is certainly one of my favorites.

It is one of the most energetic songs. From the moment you starts to hear the chorus, you dance.

31 Twilight Omens
32 Fresh Strawberries

What? 38? It's one of the best songs ever!

33 Goodbye Lovers & Friends
34 Can't Stop Feeling

Live version from Right thoughts, Right words, Right action (Deluxe version) - - Superb

Remix version should be higher up in my humble opinion!

Great tune, so many levels, never tire of hearing it

35 Tell Her Tonight

¬°FIFA 2005! Total nostalgia, such a great song that you enjoy from the first moment that you hear. Maybe nor better than take me out, but definitely worth it.

36 Always Ascending
37 Cheating on You
38 What You Waiting For?
39 Feel the Love Go
40 Brief Encounters
41 Well That Was Easy
42 Send Him Away
43 Live Alone
44 Words So Leisured
45 Wine In the Afternoon

Gorgeous. Criminally overlooked. B-Side to "Eleanor Put Your Boots On. " The video is quite cool too

46 Love and Destroy
47 The Lobster Quadrille
48 Womanizer
49 Swallow, Smile
50 Van Tango
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