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21 Darts of Pleasure
22 Bullet

Never get your bullet out of my head now!

23 Evil Eye

Should definitely be higher, amazing song!

So good... No idea why it's not first!

24 Michael

Come on this song is catchy and hilarious!

One of the bests!

25 Live Alone
26 Auf Achse

Definitely deserve an upvote from me, very underrated.

Should be at the 1st or 2nd place. Absolutely underrated

This song is s nice. It's way underrated. It should be is:
Aus Asche
Take me Out
Universe Expanded
Lucid Dreams
Dark of the Matinee
Fresh Strawberries
This Fire

27 Come on Home

A beautiful song from this gem of a band. Very different to their usual style but sounds fantastic.

28 Eleanor Put Your Boots On

Best song of FF ever. Listen to it

29 Bite Hard

I think this is one of their best songs, lyrically speaking. A very cleverly written song about biting the bullet, full of double meanings and great imagery it is certainly one of my favorites.

It is one of the most energetic songs. From the moment you starts to hear the chorus, you dance.

30 Twilight Omens
31 Can't Stop Feeling

Live version from Right thoughts, Right words, Right action (Deluxe version) - - Superb

Remix version should be higher up in my humble opinion!

32 Tell Her Tonight

¬°FIFA 2005! Total nostalgia, such a great song that you enjoy from the first moment that you hear. Maybe nor better than take me out, but definitely worth it.

33 What You Waiting For?
34 Fresh Strawberries

What? 38? It's one of the best songs ever!

35 Cheating on You
36 Words So Leisured
37 Wine In the Afternoon

Gorgeous. Criminally overlooked. B-Side to "Eleanor Put Your Boots On. " The video is quite cool too

38 Treason! Animals
39 Send Him Away
40 Love and Destroy
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