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1 Mockingbird

No offense to anyone but this album sucks. Mockingbird and Like Toy Soldiers in my opinion are the only good songs featured on this album

Yeah album sucks but mockingbird is the great song in this album no others songs are good in this album except Like toy soldiers

Such an emotional, beautiful song.

Shut up Eminem is awesome

So much meaning to this song

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2 Like Toy Soldiers

The music video and this song together are sad

This album is overall under-appreciated along with Relapse because people read too far into Em's regrets about them on Recovery, which unrightfully dictated opinions of this album after... Thanks to a bunch of front-running pop fans who discovered Em through mainstream radio during 2010. That being said, understand the self and broad-disputed Em endured during the making of this album... This song captures all of it, delivered with a splendid metaphor... I enjoy Mockingbird, but this song delivers so much more of a statement with much more energy and angst. #1, thanks.

This isn't a good album but this song is amazing and can't believe it's 4th. This song shows a mature Eminem and is an emotional song. Best song on album by far.

Best track on the album its more lyrical than Mockingbird And has more meaning then most of the songs on Encore My top 10 list
1. Toy Soldiers
2. Encore
3. Mosh
4. Mockingbird
5. One Shot 2 Shot
6. Evil Deeds
7. Just Lose It
8. Never Enough
9. Rain Man
10. Yellow Brick Road

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3 Mosh

"If I get sniped tonight you know why,
'Cause I told you to fight" - gidlr

Best song on Encore, that’s all I can say

One of the more captivating Eminem songs

Lyrically this is the best song on the album. He pretty much keeps with the same rhyme scheme through all three verses. Beyond dope.

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4 Yellow Brick Road

Unbelievable flow and lyrics

My Favorite Song Of Eminem

Why is this below Just Lose It? This song is great.

This song is one of his most lyrical song about his childhood and it's my favorite on encore.

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5 Just Lose It

I meant to vote for Yellow Brick Road but this is my second favourite on the album - LightningBlade

Just catchy, I like toy soldiers at the top but Just Lose It should be higher

Just Lose It is the We Made You of Encore

Definitely. Or the "Without Me". But it's just more wishful thinking.

Really funny.

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6 Never Enough

I actually found it funny that it was short. It implies that there is Never Enough of Eminem (at least I think it does). Really great song. I say it's the best song on Encore.

Nate is great in this song, its upbeat which makes it that much better and the only bummer is how short it is, otherwise great song

If this was longer it would be the best. I guess there really is "never enough" of Eminem.

This song should have been longer, without 50 cent, and on the eminem show.

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7 Encore

The best dance song by Em, and the way fif laughs makes it so fun!

This song has the monsterous trio a feeling of nostalgia that cannot be put aside.
You can also the note the playfullness of the words between Dre ^^ Em.
50 did a good job with the small inputs here and there, small magical touches.

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8 Evil Deeds

It's a decent opening to Encore.

The beat, chorus and third verse are fantastic!

Underrated as HELL! Like WOW is this song great!

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9 Ass Like That

This song sucks and it's worst Eminem song ever!

One of the most comedious song vu emibem

I love Ass Like That. This my list-
1. Ass Like That
2. Like Toy Soldiers
3. Just Lose It
4. One Shot 2 Shot
5. Mokingbird

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10 Puke

Love this song

What's weird is that I didn't hate this song. It actually wasn't that bad. In fact, it was pretty good. Gross beginning though.

This is not that bad of a song. It's no masterpiece but it's no piece of trash either. It's pretty funny. Him puking was kind of bad though.

Best song for tough breakups ever written

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The Contenders

11 My 1st Single

The beat drowns out Eminem's vocals, and it sounds like trash. Therefor, I do not like to subject myself to listening to this track. Ever!

Honestly not that bad, has a great flow, and the lyrics were kinda slick. Some of them were blatantly retarded and the beat was kinda annoying. Other than that I loved the song.

Most awful song I have ever heard! And this is coming from a huge Eminem fan! Even Fack is better than this! And Fack is like the most disgusting song ever made! But at least Fack was catchy and funny! Come on Eminem! What were you thinking?!

The beat was so annoying. - Dreconic

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12 Spend Some Time

Simply Amazing this should be top 5

How'd they leave this out of the top 10? Top 5 easy.

Pretty great, not mockingbird great, but at least number 10.

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13 One Shot 2 Shot

Oh my God this is the most underrated D-12 song of all time. This song is funny and Eminem's verse is so under-layered with different rhyme schemes. This song needs a video

Great song!

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14 We as Americans


You can hear the resentment in his voice against society

How is this 14? Behind like toy soldiers this may be the best song on the album

This isn't the best song on the album, but #14! Really! This is easily top 5; I voted for it anyways because this should be higher. - Totalbeasto001

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15 Rain Man

Songs like this work when it is actually funny. This was hilarious. - Dreconic

Lyrical genius. No real meaning from himself, but high use of cool words that flow like a waterfall.

Better than some of the songs - Eminem50CentFanForLife

Come on guys. At least this was funny and charming, unlike M1S and ALT.

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16 Love You More

So deep, flows like a calm waterfall

This suppose to be 3rd

Woah this was GREAT

How is this behind my 1st single

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17 Big Weenie

The Greatest song ever

Unlike most, I find that Big Weenie and Rain Man are what makes this album so good haha


Great song

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18 Crazy in Love

Seriously?!?! How is this 19th? One of the best songs on the album

Should be above Puke for sure at least

This is supposed to be on Relapse!

No it is not - Eminem50CentFanForLife

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19 Ricky Ticky Toc

(Deluxe Version) A freestyle included as a bonus track on Encore.

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1. Mockingbird
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1. Just Lose It
2. Like Toy Soldiers
3. Mockingbird

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