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201 Over & Done With - Sunshine on Leith V 1 Comment
202 Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer - Cats

This song is so fun to perform and watch. The actors have to be in perfect sync and then do the very tricky double cartwheel at the end. Favorite song from Cats, which is my favorite musical.

203 Sky Takes the Soul - Sunshine on Leith
204 Poor Unfortunate Souls - Little Mermaid
205 Freak Flag - Shrek: The Musical

Hands down one of the best songs in a "movie to musical" show EVER

Great song, it sends a message to anyone who thinks they are different or socially outcasted

206 Hey Jude - Love V 1 Comment
207 Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop - The Producers
208 Springtime for Hitler - The Producers
209 Being Alive - Company
210 As Long As You're Mine - Wicked
211 I Know It's Today - Shrek the Musical
212 96,000 - In the Heights
213 The Bells of Notre Dame - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
214 Brand New Day - The Wiz V 1 Comment
215 Bring Me the Broomstick - The Wizard of Oz

The lights are off. Complete Darkness. Suddenly, dim light is shining on the stage. All you see are gadgets and machinery. The four heros, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin man and Lion step into this place. A huge face appears in the middle of the stage. This is The Wizard of Oz: The Musical. The song," Bring Me The Broomstick " is just so powerful. It's a command. This should be number 1!

V 1 Comment
216 It Must Be Believed to Be Seen - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
217 Pure Imagination - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
218 Stranger Than You Dreamt It - The Phantom of the Opera

Maybe not one of the top three, but certainly a song that needs recognition. Partly to do with the unmasking of the Phantom and how you hear his reaction go from angry to intimidating to pleading and desperate. Perhaps you need to see the staging as the Phantom crawls across the stage clutching his face, but it's an excellent song. - lesmispoto

219 This is the Moment - Jekyll & Hyde

This song only sounds good when the singer is good which why it sounds fabulous when people such as John Owen Jones and Michael Ball sing it - not to mention the incredible Anthony Warlow. The way he holds the note for so so sooo long at the end on the original album is incredible and Anthony Warlow really does the role justice. - lesmispoto

220 Kidnap the Sandy Claws - The Nightmare Before Christmas
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