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221 Stranger Than You Dreamt It - The Phantom of the Opera

Maybe not one of the top three, but certainly a song that needs recognition. Partly to do with the unmasking of the Phantom and how you hear his reaction go from angry to intimidating to pleading and desperate. Perhaps you need to see the staging as the Phantom crawls across the stage clutching his face, but it's an excellent song. - lesmispoto

222 This is the Moment - Jekyll & Hyde

This song only sounds good when the singer is good which why it sounds fabulous when people such as John Owen Jones and Michael Ball sing it - not to mention the incredible Anthony Warlow. The way he holds the note for so so sooo long at the end on the original album is incredible and Anthony Warlow really does the role justice. - lesmispoto

223 Kidnap the Sandy Claws - The Nightmare Before Christmas
224 Mean Green Mother from Outer Space - The Little Shop of Horrors
225 Keep It Gay - The Producers


226 Halloween - Rent
227 Someone to Fall Back On - Bandslam
228 Goodnight Ladies - Music Man
229 Goodnight My Someone - Music Man
230 Mr. Toad - The Wind in the Willows

The Army all saluted as they marched along the road.
Was it the King or the President? No it was Mr. Toad!

231 Friends Is What We Is - The Wind In the Willows
232 Mr Toad - Mr Toad's Wild Ride
233 You're the Top - Anything Goes
234 Sixteen Going on Seventeen - The Sound of Music

love it - Andyman234

235 Some Enchanted Evening - South Pacific

How could Emile's song not only not be in the top ten, but not even mentioned at all? One of the greatest songs from any musical ever.

236 Wicked Little Town - Hedwig & the Angry Inch
237 Super - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
238 Portabello Road - Bedknobs and Broomsticks
239 The Worst Pies In London - Sweeney Todd

I have loved this song for ages! It is a sight into how Mr. lovett knows that she isn't good at baking pies and how she longs for buisness and how she realises mr todd can help her.

240 All the Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed by Kandarian Demons - Evil Dead

Over all awesome song and if you don't believe me listen to it!

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