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61 Cell Block Tango - Chicago

He had it coming huh I still wonder what the uh uh one says

POP SIX SQUISH UH UH CISSERO LIPSCHITZ! I love this song. It's so kick butt and creepy and powerful and funny all at the same time. I love the chorus: He had it coming. He had it coming. He only had himself to blame. If you'dve been there. If youdve seen it. I bet ya you would have done the same

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62 Greased Lightnin' - Grease
63 One Hand, One Heart - West Side Story
64 The Winner Takes It All - Mamma Mia
65 Stars - Les Miserables

It captures the determination of someone who is only doing what he thinks is write. how is this not in the top 15 at least!?

66 Rent - Rent

I wish this song was higher on this list. I listened to it 5 times in a row before I wrote this...

67 Let's Get Married - Sunshine on Leith
68 Roxie - Chicago

Great beat, catchy tune, hilarious lyrics, jazzy accompaniment- Oh, and did I mention that it's a blast to perform? It's Roxie's grand old ego-fest with a fun little dance routine to go with it. What's not to love?

69 Over & Done With - Sunshine on Leith V 1 Comment
70 Sky Takes the Soul - Sunshine on Leith
71 That's How You Know - Enchanted

This movie is so underrated. It's so good!

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72 America - West Side Story

I love this song

Guys. The beat. The lyrics. The choreography. Have people really forgotten the great musicals of the 50s/60s?

73 I Know Him So Well - Chess

I just love this song so much. Always makes me so emotional. This should definitely be high up on the list. I've never seen the show but I can still understand the context of the song and it's just beautiful.

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74 Fame - Fame

I did this musical at my school. I got the role of Goody. I got such great memories from the musical! One of the best was when at the end of every show, we would belt out this song. It is pure genius.

75 You'll Be Back - Hamilton

I love Hamilton and the whole soundtrack!

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76 Like No Man I've Ever Seen - Tarzan
77 Good Morning Baltimore - Hairspray
78 I Am So Proud - The Mikado
79 Waving Through a Window - Dear Evan Hansen

By far the best song from any musical. Definitely tops the list.

From the new hit musical, Dear Evan Hansen, Ben Platt delivers a soulful performances as his character, Evan tries to find his place in the world. The music is incredible and Ben's singing brings tears to my eyes. - pjm9275

Is good

80 Mijn Leven is van Mij - Elisabeth
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