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101 Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horrors

Best. Song. Ever. No question.

102 Send In the Clowns

This is the best song from a musical. Ever. Judy Collins rendition is my favorite. Give it a listen. Get send in the clowns to the top ten!

103 Oh the Thinks You Can Think - Seussical
104 Another Day of Sun - La la Land
105 Anything Goes - Anything Goes

This is not the correct song.

106 Angel of Music - The Phantom of the Opera
107 I Just Can't Wait to Be King - Lion King

I did a dance to this song

108 Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Phantom of the Opera

My favorite song from this musical. The only one of my 3 favorites (the other2 are the title song and music of the night) that doesn't have the phantom in it! So so sad and beautiful.

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109 No Good Deed - Wicked

This is my favourite song from this musical. So powerful & dramatic!

Best song from Wicked, even if it's not as well known

Great song about Elphaba' s transformation.

110 Ol' Man River - Showboat V 1 Comment
111 Confrontation - Jekyll and Hyde

Check out Anthony Warlow's Recording of this on youtube and judge for yourself. This objectively belongs in the top ten.

112 You're the One That I Want - Grease

Easily one of the most iconic songs in musical history

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113 Dentist! - Little Shop of Horrors

Steve Martin brings so much to a role and just has fun with it! This song is incredibly catchy and is just fun to watch.

I really want to sing this song someday...

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114 Hello! - The Book of Mormon

Hello! But every time someone says "hello" it gets faster

No no Elder Cunningham! U r making things up again! please stick 2 the approved dialogue!
Watch the Harry Potter parody by Tessa netting she is awesome!

115 The Impossible Dream - Man of la Mancha

One of the great gems of musical theater, this gorgeous litany of a knight's goal's reminds us to strive for the best and highest, even when we may not reach them, and that the world will be better because we have done so.

116 Those Magic Changes - Grease
117 I'd Give My Life for You - Miss Saigon

This is such a beautiful song! There aren't many songs like this, about a mother willing to give her life in order for her son to have a bright future, and it just makes the story even more tragic and memorable. It's got a very catchy melody as well.

137.137.137!? Are you kidding me?!?!?!? This is the most beautiful, moving, powerful and basically just amazing song ever. I love to listen to it and do so every day. Next time I check on this list this song better be in the top ten.

118 Sunrise - In the Heights
119 Evermore - Beauty and the Beast (2017)

YES OH MY GOD. When I saw Beauty and the Beast in theaters, I was in tears by the middle of this song (along with the three friends I had brought with me to see it). It has a beautiful melody, and the emotion the number is portraying is incredible, considering it's a kids' movie.

120 High Flying, Adored - Evita
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