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121 Edelweiss - The Sound of Music

It is one of my favorite musical songs.

I once enters a county talent show with this song, I got fourth place
4 out of about 500.

122 Bring Him Home - Les Miserables

A beautiful song about being willing to die in the place of a friend. I don't know what character sings this song, but I would give almost anything to have a friend who would do that for me.

This is no doubt the most difficult solo song from Les Mis... Takes so much control and understanding of the character. Don't know why it's so low

The best musical song in my opinion. Les mis is also my favorite musical

I cry whenever I hear this song!

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123 The I Love You Song - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
124 The Impossible Dream - Man of la Mancha

One of the great gems of musical theater, this gorgeous litany of a knight's goal's reminds us to strive for the best and highest, even when we may not reach them, and that the world will be better because we have done so.

125 Someone Like You - Jekyll and Hyde

Oh my gosh, whenever I listen to this song, my heart melts. So hopeful and tragic at the same time, utterly beautiful. When performed well, I don't know how anyone could resist this song's beauty.

126 You’re in the Band - School of Rock
127 The Ballad of Sweeney Todd - Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
128 Life Support - Rent
129 Feed Me - Little Shop of Horrors

I love this song!

130 Master of the House - Les Miserables V 1 Comment
131 Secret of Survival - The Wind in the Willows

A very chilling villain song. "It's our secret of survival in this very nasty world. Now you see us, now you don't. Now you hear us, now you won't. "

The message in this song is actually true. Everyone's out for themselves and no one else.

132 You Can't Win - The Wiz
133 Everyone has AIDS - Team America

Everyone has AIDS! Only the creators of South Park could ever get away with something like that.

This song is so catchy! The way he speaks the dialogue is so soulful it's funny.

134 Consider Yourself - Oliver
135 Town Meeting Song - The Nightmare Before Christmas
136 I'd Give My Life for You - Miss Saigon

This is such a beautiful song! There aren't many songs like this, about a mother willing to give her life in order for her son to have a bright future, and it just makes the story even more tragic and memorable. It's got a very catchy melody as well.

137.137.137!? Are you kidding me?!?!?!? This is the most beautiful, moving, powerful and basically just amazing song ever. I love to listen to it and do so every day. Next time I check on this list this song better be in the top ten.

137 Your Daddy's Son - Ragtime

Such an emotional song. Top Ten Worthy

138 Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Evita

152nd, ridiculous
Such an amazing song, such emotion

Sarah brighman's cover is amazing

139 You Won't Succeed on Broadway - Spamalot
140 My Eyes - Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

One of the best villain songs EVER! This, "Brand New Day" and "Slipping" are the best villain songs ever! It has both Dr Horrible and Penny singing together but about opposite feelings! She's good and he's evil (but awesome)

Why isn't this higher?!?! This is one of my favorite songs ever! I could listen to it on repeat for months at a time.. And I'm pretty sure I have!

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