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161 Aquarius - Hair

Aquarius. Just... Wow!

Totally one of the greats.

162 I Could Have Danced All Night - My Fair Lady

I sang this when I got home from prom

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163 December 1963 - Jersey Boys
164 Rock Island - Music Man
165 Belle - Beauty and the Beast
166 Part of That World - The Little Mermaid

Beautiful song, very relatable and perfect for auditions etc..

167 Welcome to the 60's - Hairspray

Maybe not the best, but probably the one I most can't stop listen at. Just so much love. A little slow-starting but I appreciate that. The unbelievably catchy ending, finally, is a volcano: "Your mama's hip, (hip) your mamas in (in mama)...". And the beat just flows naturally and not as forced as in "You can't stop the beat". This one is better!

168 There! Right There! - Legally Blonde

One of the best songs from Legally Blonde - even funnier when seen on stage. And the best part? It's laughing WITH gays, not at them.

169 Be Back Soon - Oliver!
170 Falling Slowly - Once

I loved this song before I knew it was from a musical.

171 I Wanna Be a Producer - The Producers
172 Touch - A, Touch - A, Touch Me - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
173 Revolting Children - Matilda
174 Endless Night - The Lion King

I absolutely LOVE this song! This song takes place right after Simba nearly KILLS Timon by challenging him to jump over a river. Timon fails, falls in the river, is swept downstream, and hangs on a tree branch over a waterfall with crocodiles below the waterfall waiting for Timon to fall so they can feast. Simba has a horrific flashback of how his father died in a stampede, and gets paralyzed. Timon falls, but Simba snaps out of it just in time to save him. They return to the jungle and Simba sings, "Endless Night". The song is a cry to his father about how he said that he would always be there to Simba, even though he didn't help him during the previous event. Simba also sings about how his life is an, "endless nightmare " and how to him the sun never rises. This is how the song gets it's name. Rafiki hears his song and concludes that Simba is alive even though he was thought to be dead. Do you see how much of a deal that song is? If he wouldn't have sung it, he would of never made ...more

" You Promised To Be There, Whenever I Needed You. Whenever I Call Your Name, You're Not Anywhere. I'm Trying To Hold On, Just Waiting To Hear You're Voice. One Word, Just A Word Or Two, Will End This Nightmare. " Absolutely Beautiful.

Beautiful set, Beautiful song, Beautiful vocals.

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175 Stick It to The Man - School of Rock
176 City of Stars - La la Land
177 Hellfire - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
178 Days in the Sun - Beauty and the Beast (2017)
179 How Does a Moment Last Forever - Beauty and the Beast (2017)
180 Mimi Still Loves Roger - Rent
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