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1 Brick by Boring Brick

This song is so easy to relate to because it talks about something that everyone has experienced - a moment in their childhood when they realised a childhood dream was nothing more than fantasy.

Here's to the kids who want to remain just that - kids.

Great guitar playing and such amazing lyrics. It's quite a sad song really if you think about it. - Shadsilvson11

For kids who likes fairy tails

She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere to far for us to find.
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of the world that shes left behind.

2 Ignorance

Ignorance is such a powerful song. It has everything - powerful drums, awesome guitar and bass fronted by Hayley's amazing voice.

It's great and really emotional song. It deserves to be at number one.

First song I memorized by heart

My favorite song from Paramore.

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3 The Only Exception

A nice and slow one. Hayley Williams shows just how beautifully she can sing. - Shadsilvson11

Decode is technically not in this album

4 Careful

This is like the best song on the album what

my #1

5 Decode

Great song even though it was in a terrible movie. - Shadsilvson11

I haven't watched the movie, but I heard it's bad. Thus, I can assume that the only thing good about the franchise is the soundtrack, and this song is no exception.


6 Playing God

Honestly one of my favorite songs by Paramore. Love the clever lyrics and the tune to it. Can't keep it off repeat! Should definitely be ranked higher on this list.

Oww this is quite unique. Should be at Top 3 guys! I'm really addicted to this song, than others.

7 Turn It Off

Nope, I love it! The lyrics and style and just the song overall is great! Paramore will always make my favourite songs.

Was I the ONLY one who loved this song? - Shadsilvson11

8 All I Wanted

This song is absolutely amazing! Hayley's vocals are just... Wow!

Hayley's vocal. Enough said.

Why are all my favorites ranking so low?

9 Misguided Ghosts
10 Looking Up

Definitely the most underrated song from the album

Oh come on, this is also a good song!

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11 Where the Lines Overlap

LOVE this song! GIves you a happy feeling!

12 Feeling Sorry

Why is this song at the botom this is an awesome song... - the1devorino

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1. Careful
2. Brick by Boring Brick
3. The Only Exception
1. The Only Exception
2. Misguided Ghosts
3. All I Wanted
1. Careful
2. Ignorance
3. The Only Exception

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