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21 One Tree Hill

Joshua Tree doesn't get enough credit in my opinion, but hey - it's never too late right? It's one of my favorites. There are SO many to choose from, but this is on top of my list. It's so mellow & dreamy!

This is an amazing song from the Joshua Tree. You know, when I always listen to it, I think of the ocean and its view, the peacefulness and... Everything!

This is a very underrated song and there best along with The Unforgettable Fire and Red Hill Mining Town.

Top 10 song that is lost because it wasn't all over the radio.

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22 Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of

Why? Haven't anyone listened this song?
It is far better than most other songs, at least it deserves a healthy position in top five, doesn't it?

16! That's too down below for this amazing song.there is a flow to this song rivalled by few!

Too down for an amazing song like this! Deserves to be in top 5 at least!

This song should be in number 1-3, so sad

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23 The Fly

Probably one of U2's most original sounding songs. For many Rock fans who claim all of U2s work sounds the same, bono cant write, or the edge cant play, this is a disappointment because its such an amazingly written original sounding song with probably the greatest post-70s guitar solo.

The first song I heard from Achtung Baby. Didn't quite know what to make of it, as it sounded so different from The Joshua Tree era. But it is absolutely brilliant! Look, I gotta go, I'm runnin' out of change. There's a lot of things, if I could I'd rearrange.

This song is seriously under rated, one of the great rock songs. It's original as hell, dark, mysterious, and it rocks. They've done great stuff since, still, nothing on quite on the same trajectory as this was.

INSANE solo I can't EVER listen to this enough times my number 1 this should be TOP 3-5 without a doubt VOTE for Mr Fly!

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24 Gloria

This guitar work...melody...AWESOME! It's a classic. Really really good!

Surprised this is so far down the list.

Probably my favorite Edge riff

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25 Running to Stand Still

This is U2's greatest song because it is extremely evocative and forces the listener to listen to every lyric. I have never heard a song that more poetically tells a story than "Running To Stand Still." The mystery and enigma of this song is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The most emotional and breathtaking U2 songs are Running to Stand Still and Where the Streets Have No Name. The fact that this song is not in the top three shows that real U2 listeners do not make this list. I've heard them all. Here's the real list:
1. Where the Streets Have No Name
2. Running to Stand Still
3. One
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday
5. Bad
6. Mysterious Ways
7. Baby Please Come Home
8. Pride (In the Name of Love)
9. With or Without You
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
11. New Years Day
13. Walk On
14. Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own
15.In a Little While
16. City of Blinding Lights
17. Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
18. ...more

How can this some be so far down the list? U2's best ever lyric, a haunting portrayal of drug addiction in Ballymun. Played Live and acoustic this song is almost spiritual, always gives me a tingle when I hear it.

A lot to choose from, but this should really be in the top three. The lyrics work so well on two levels: they are poetic AND full of realism.

Best U2 song second to With or Without You. Its beautiful and captivating and deserves more recognition.

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26 Sweetest Thing

How is this not in the top ten? This song is beautiful, and everyone would be able to relate to it.
"I'm losing you... Oh... I'm losing you... Ain't love the sweetest thing? "

Love the music video.. Very good song. Makes you proud to be Irish

I love this song very much and all time greatest for me.

How is this not in the top ten? Why is this not in the top ten? This should be in the top ten.
Oh, I know why...because U2 has about 50 songs that absolutely should be, MUST be in their top ten best songs. That's what happens when your band is great...most of your songs deserve to be in the top ten best. This is yet another one from U2...

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27 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

I like this song alot and agree that it is on the top ten.

Something to headbang to that throws a sprinkle of disturbing material in there. - CinemaZebra

This is such an underrated song.

I know you are not shy. vote for this song

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28 October

How can this be 79? It's easily one of their top 3, and one of the top 20 songs of all time, by anyone

29 Red Hill Mining Town

This song has great lyrics and brilliant music.. Everybody pLeaSe LISTEN 2 THIS SONg! Its aMAZING

The vocals and emotion in this song are simply phenomenal. Far and away my favourite U2 song!

simply the best...great emotion and lyrically well written

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30 If God Will Send His Angels

Iris got all the attention, but listen to the album again. This is by far the best song from the City of Angels soundtrack, a soundtrack that ranks among the best ever.

I love this song... it's always been one of my favorites by this band... and not many people are familiar with it... just a beautiful piece of work!

Easily one of U2's best songs. Should be higher, however POP never got the recognition that it did deserve - Jiorl

This is my favorite song of this band... How can it not be popular..

31 Desire

I do not have a favourite U2 song, so I am voting for this one because it is the most deserving to be higher than it is right now.

So much energy and passion, to dance to this song is to do what everyone else in the world should be doing. Quality tune.

Classic song with an addictive sound that deserves to be much higher on the list.

This song got to number 1 in many countries and also got in the top 10 in many countries so this song should be higher up this list it's a great song with a great beat and lyrics - mneilan

How is overplayed With Or Without You #1 and this isn't even in the top 10. - hype

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32 Unchained Melody
33 Discotheque

One of the edges best guitar riffs of all time on the most underrated u2 album of all time come on people

Such a fantastic riff, love the guitar effects! - Deerhunter1984

34 Moment of Surrender

best song of u2, as good as one, with or without you and I still h... surprised to see it was not in the list already, so I had to add it. the ending is especially good and gives me goose pimples. the entire song is billiant musically and lyrically. bono's vocals are as good as ever. this takes the crown. I listen to it everyday. - niamja12345

For a song that starts slowly "moment of surrender" morphs into something very intense. A gospel sound that is sliced by a guitar and piano veriation with the precision of a samurai sword like only Edge could do. Very satisfying to listen to, this slightly eerie song was listed 160 in rolling stones magazines "top 500 songs of all time" and according to "wikipedia" best song for both 2009 and 2010. Other U2 songs worth a mention are Pride, Wake up dead man, Tomorrow. So many timeless classics I think only the Rolling Stones could rival U2 for the high volume of really great songs.

I Love The Song! Moment of surrender is one of the best songs from u2 ever, especially the version from u2 Rose Bowl 360*... ;P It deserves to be in top 10 after my opinion. ROCK & ROLL forever! U2 Forever! Also please put Stuck In a Moment in top 10, please! ;P

This is a great song by u2, and this song shows that u2 still have good music left inside them. This songs is the closest they got to their concept of 'future hymns' on the album no line above the horizon, and I hope that this song stands the test of time (like future hymns are meant too) - Jiorl

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35 Exit

Dark, hypnotic, intense. A stand-out track in their discography, and my personal favorite.

The very best song of U2. A great climax building.

This Song is a Hidden Champion. A Real " grower"!

36 Angel of Harlem

Not a single comment on this sweet song? Wow - BeeBlue

Kind of a different style by U2 on this song, with the horns and all. Still, a great song and great tribute to Billie Holliday.

De las mejores canciones, nunca por debajo del top 20!

37 The Unforgettable Fire

Very under-rated. It deserves to be in the top ten at the very least.
Your only rivers run cold
These city lights
They shine as silver and gold
Dug from the night
Your eyes as black as coal"
The song is gripping from the very start with its profound lyrics and ambient guitar play

SEVERELY underrated. It's very touching and has mature, meaningful lyrics that I think everyone can relate to at some point of their life. Vote this up into at least top 20, Please!

Love this song it is not an anthem it is complex intense poetic and beautiful and shows a deeper side to the band. Gorgeous

An amazing song very compelling

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38 Heartland

Don't understand why Heartland is so underrated! One of the best songs by U2 if one sees the beauty in it...

Sends shivers down your spine when you listen to it... U2 at their very best.

thanks to Rattle and Hum, makes me think of how great Elvis was - englishradio

39 I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

Great tune, definitely worth listening too. Top chorus and should be way higher

This song is gold! Absolute magic when heard live as well...
Arguably there best song on there 'No Line On The Horizon' Album.

Amazing song... Can't believe it's so low!

This song's got a lot of energy! I wonder it's so low in this list.

40 The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)

The reason why this amazing song is so low is because it's relatively new

This really deserves more than 93 guys...

Listing to it as I wrought this best ever here is the real list
1 the miracle
2 in gods country
3 New Year's Day
4 Sunday Bloody Sunday
5 trip through your wires

Dear internet,
The miracle (of joey Ramone) is something that I can just get behind. With the guitar rifts and the relatable lyrics, I just can't not like this song. I just wish that this would get a little more attention.

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