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21 Magnificent Magnificent


In magnificent, U2 are NOT lyrically very convincing, the song being about two lovers finding 'common ground' and devoting their life to worship, as quoted by Bono. But the fresh composition and clever use of African percussion and other sounds, notably the unique chord progressions and a very supportive bass gave me an almost transcendental listening experience.

Magnificent was the highlight of it's album but wasn't a chart topper, maybe because that album was too much experimental in conception.

The song might never be mentioned along with the likes of one, Beautiful day, WOWY, WTSHNN, Pride, Sunday Bloody Sunday or even lesser mass favourites such as All I want is you, vertigo etc, but the fact is that it had me hooked on to it for almost 2 years and I used to listen to it at least twice/thrice daily for that period GETS IT MY VOTE. It's not the best but being the first U2 song that I heard, it introduced me to the awesome U2 and ...more

awesome song... just listen to it guys only once and am sure you gona vote for it... should be in top 3... -

Awesome song... No doubt one of the best song of u2. This song magnificent is really magnificent. Hey guys please vote for this song. This song is awesome cool. Just listen to it, specially the guitar portion is awesome. And of course it... Should be in top 3

Probably one of their most hidden but spiritual songs they have. Awesome riff and awesome lyrics.

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22 Kite Kite

"This song is about letting go of somebody you don't wanna let go of..
Could be a lover, could be a father, could be a friend, could be a child, this is Kite."
Bono is legendary!
Definitely, one of U2's most under-rated song!
The emotion behind this song is just overwhelming.

Oh my word! It can't be possible for one band to make this much good music! This song is simply Amazing. The words are meaningful, in true U2 style. But the music! Flip Banana!

Can't believe this is so low.

What to say! I simply marvellous.. What a tune

23 Gloria

This guitar work...melody...AWESOME! It's a classic. Really really good!

Surprised this is so far down the list.

Probably my favorite Edge riff

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24 Running to Stand Still

This is U2's greatest song because it is extremely evocative and forces the listener to listen to every lyric. I have never heard a song that more poetically tells a story than "Running To Stand Still." The mystery and enigma of this song is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The most emotional and breathtaking U2 songs are Running to Stand Still and Where the Streets Have No Name. The fact that this song is not in the top three shows that real U2 listeners do not make this list. I've heard them all. Here's the real list:
1. Where the Streets Have No Name
2. Running to Stand Still
3. One
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday
5. Bad
6. Mysterious Ways
7. Baby Please Come Home
8. Pride (In the Name of Love)
9. With or Without You
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
11. New Years Day
13. Walk On
14. Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own
15.In a Little While
16. City of Blinding Lights
17. Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
18. ...more

How can this some be so far down the list? U2's best ever lyric, a haunting portrayal of drug addiction in Ballymun. Played Live and acoustic this song is almost spiritual, always gives me a tingle when I hear it.

A lot to choose from, but this should really be in the top three. The lyrics work so well on two levels: they are poetic AND full of realism.

Best U2 song second to With or Without You. Its beautiful and captivating and deserves more recognition.

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25 Sweetest Thing Sweetest Thing

How is this not in the top ten? This song is beautiful, and everyone would be able to relate to it.
"I'm losing you... Oh... I'm losing you... Ain't love the sweetest thing? "

Love the music video.. Very good song. Makes you proud to be Irish

I love this song very much and all time greatest for me.

Be doo be doo boop. be dop be doo be doo boop oOOA A A sweetest thing

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26 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

I like this song alot and agree that it is on the top ten.

Something to headbang to that throws a sprinkle of disturbing material in there. - CinemaZebra

This is such an underrated song.

Great Song with a great riff by the Edge!

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27 The Fly The Fly

Probably one of U2's most original sounding songs. For many Rock fans who claim all of U2s work sounds the same, bono cant write, or the edge cant play, this is a disappointment because its such an amazingly written original sounding song with probably the greatest post-70s guitar solo.

The first song I heard from Achtung Baby. Didn't quite know what to make of it, as it sounded so different from The Joshua Tree era. But it is absolutely brilliant! Look, I gotta go, I'm runnin' out of change. There's a lot of things, if I could I'd rearrange.

This song is seriously under rated, one of the great rock songs. It's original as hell, dark, mysterious, and it rocks. They've done great stuff since, still, nothing on quite on the same trajectory as this was.

INSANE solo I can't EVER listen to this enough times my number 1 this should be TOP 3-5 without a doubt VOTE for Mr Fly!

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28 Red Hill Mining Town Red Hill Mining Town

This song has great lyrics and brilliant music.. Everybody pLeaSe LISTEN 2 THIS SONg! Its aMAZING

The vocals and emotion in this song are simply phenomenal. Far and away my favourite U2 song!

simply the best...great emotion and lyrically well written

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29 Heartland Heartland

Sends shivers down your spine when you listen to it... U2 at their very best.

thanks to Rattle and Hum, makes me think of how great Elvis was - englishradio

30 Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

Makes me cry every time I listen to it. Maybe music is the light at the end of the tunnel... It is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.

Awesome lyrics and one of the best songs... must be higher in the list

No way this song isn't top 10. Me my sister and my girlfriend all love this song and it should be top five if not #1. Top ten in my opinion:
One - sometimes you can't make it on your own - with or without you - where the streets have no name - I still haven't found what I'm looking for - window in the skies - Sunday bloody Sunday - bad - love is blindness - ultra violet

Their most beautiful song by far in my opinion

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31 I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

Great tune, definitely worth listening too. Top chorus and should be way higher

This song is gold! Absolute magic when heard live as well...
Arguably there best song on there 'No Line On The Horizon' Album.

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32 Moment of Surrender Moment of Surrender

best song of u2, as good as one, with or without you and I still h... surprised to see it was not in the list already, so I had to add it. the ending is especially good and gives me goose pimples. the entire song is billiant musically and lyrically. bono's vocals are as good as ever. this takes the crown. I listen to it everyday. - niamja12345

I Love The Song! Moment of surrender is one of the best songs from u2 ever, especially the version from u2 Rose Bowl 360*... ;P It deserves to be in top 10 after my opinion. ROCK & ROLL forever! U2 Forever! Also please put Stuck In a Moment in top 10, please! ;P

This is a great song by u2, and this song shows that u2 still have good music left inside them. This songs is the closest they got to their concept of 'future hymns' on the album no line above the horizon, and I hope that this song stands the test of time (like future hymns are meant too) - Jiorl

Best songs of U2, from this last 10 years!

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33 Exit Exit

The very best song of U2. A great climax building.

This Song is a Hidden Champion. A Real " grower"!

34 Ordinary Love Ordinary Love

Come on! This song deserves to be in the top 10.
I can listen to it over and over again and never get bored. Once you listen to this song you can't stop singing it. TRUST ME

Awesome new trend.. !

In a way it's sad, U2 has really only made 3 songs that have a nice beat, good guitars, and are more than bono and edge just playing guitars and basically talking to each other or the listener. Ordinary love is one of the 3 along with New Year's Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday, and ordinary love is the best of the 3.
1 ordinary love
2 New Year's Day
3 Sunday Bloody Sunday

This has to move up the ranks! This song made me SING! and I was so happy I cried!

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35 Miss Sarajevo Miss Sarajevo

This is Bono's favourite song! How can it be so low! The melody in the song is pretty awesome! Definitely one of the greatest rock songs I have ever heard

This song is amazing, Pavarotti's voice is heavenly I know the competition is fears and there so so many songs to chose from but this one should at least be in the top 20

36 Window In the Skies Window In the Skies

The shackles are undone
The bullets quit the gun
The heat that's in the sun
Will keep us when there's none
The rule has been disproved
The stone it has been moved
The grave is now a groove
All debts are removed

Oh can't you see what love has done?
Oh can't you see what love has done?
Oh can't you see what love has done?
What it's done to me?

Love makes strange enemies
Makes love where love may please
The soul and its striptease
Hate brought to its knees
The sky over our head
We can reach it from our bed
You let me in your heart
And out of my head, head

Oh can't you see what love has done?
Oh can't you see what love has done?
Oh can't you see what love has done?
What it's done to me?

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Please don't ever let me out of you

I've got no shame, oh no, oh no

Oh can't you see what love has done?
Oh can't you see?
Oh can't you see what love has ...more

I love "One", "With Or Without You", "All I Want Is You" and many more of their songs, but this song just hits straight to my heart...

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37 The Unforgettable Fire The Unforgettable Fire

Very under-rated. It deserves to be in the top ten at the very least.
Your only rivers run cold
These city lights
They shine as silver and gold
Dug from the night
Your eyes as black as coal"
The song is gripping from the very start with its profound lyrics and ambient guitar play

SEVERELY underrated. It's very touching and has mature, meaningful lyrics that I think everyone can relate to at some point of their life. Vote this up into at least top 20, Please!

Love this song it is not an anthem it is complex intense poetic and beautiful and shows a deeper side to the band. Gorgeous

This song is actually my favorite- amazing vocals, breathtaking song, way more complex than 99% of the songs in the top 10

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38 Bullet the Blue Sky Bullet the Blue Sky

It appears to have been inspired by the Hendrix style. The tones are all over the place and yet it is cohesive and emotional. Hendrix would have covered this piece. - mgenet

Man this song is the BEST OF OF U2, I don't understand why it is not at the top of the list

It deserves much more better position.

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39 Love Comes Tumbling

Three Sunrises and this - top ten for me.

40 Every Breaking Wave

"If you go? If you go your way and I go mine. Are we so? Are we so helpless against the tide! " Just wonderful lyrics! This song just soothes you and is definitely got to be the best track on 'songs of innocence' Wish U2 keeps making songs like these, can't stand the new music coming out nowadays...

God this song is insane! Best from the Songs of Innocence! Carries a beautiful message, a message that could send a chill down your spine!
"If you go...
If you go your way and I go mine
Are we so...
Are we so helpless against the tide?
Baby, every dog on the street
Knows that we're in love with defeat
Are we ready to be swept off our feet
And stop chasing every breaking wave? "

I love this song, sometimes I feel like crying, it's an epic song deserves top 10

Love this song better than with or without u should be in top 10

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