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121 MLK

Bono sings a beautiful lullabye over the top of some ambient keyboards from Brian Eno. The perfect closer to my favourite U2 album.

How can this piece of music be down this low?
I love this piece of music from the Unforgetable Fire album.

122 Wild Honey

I wonder how far down the list I can go and still find greatness?

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123 Sleep Like a Baby Tonight

I think that this song is a hidden gem in U2's song catalog, and is arguably the best song on their songs of innocence album. Bono revisits his falsetto voice from lemon (for a brief period). Another great song by U2. - Jiorl

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124 Miami V 1 Comment
125 California V 2 Comments
126 The Ocean V 1 Comment
127 Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl
128 Until the End of the World

The lyrics for the song... fabulous, beautiful. And it's dark in such a crazy way. Every instrument is beautifully played.

Love the jungle opening until the Edge moves in and takes over the song. Fantastic layering and production.

forget 'smells like teen spirit'this song has the best riff of the 90's,Bono's lyrics are genius

Love the riff from this song. I can hear it now in head. One of my favourites.

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129 Miss Sarajevo

This is Bono's favourite song! How can it be so low! The melody in the song is pretty awesome! Definitely one of the greatest rock songs I have ever heard

This song is amazing, Pavarotti's voice is heavenly I know the competition is fears and there so so many songs to chose from but this one should at least be in the top 20

130 Original of the Species

My favourite Amazing battery rythm and such a great musical experiment indeed.

Moving, gripping, and filled with the emotion of a lasting group

So under rated and under appreciated. Great sound and touching lyrics.

Love this at top volume on car stereo

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131 In a Little While

Oh! So nice! Lovely voice and lyrics )

Great voice from bono

Bono's most emotional performance that makes me cry

132 Helter Skelter

First heard watching the rattle and hum movie.
So good!

133 Get on Your Boots

Defines the late 2000s mainstream rock feel.

134 The Saints are Coming

It's awesome to here. Green Day and u2 always stays the legend.

Definitely not the best song by them, but it really does deserve a better spot. It was for New Orleans ffs - abhishekgupta

135 Love You Like Mad
136 Electrical Storm

Can't get this song outta my head. So haunting, and the video is a work of art as well

If I owned this song on a vinyl record it would be worn out.



137 I Fall Down
138 The Refugee
139 Red Light
140 No Line of the Horizon 2
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