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121 I Threw a Brick Through a Window
122 Holy Joe

B-side of the Discotheque single, in a garage mix and a guilty mix. Both versions are great. Holy Joe is a cheerful track, and should have been on the Pop album to make that album more fun.

123 MLK

Bono sings a beautiful lullabye over the top of some ambient keyboards from Brian Eno. The perfect closer to my favourite U2 album.

How can this piece of music be down this low?
I love this piece of music from the Unforgetable Fire album.

124 Sleep Like a Baby Tonight

I think that this song is a hidden gem in U2's song catalog, and is arguably the best song on their songs of innocence album. Bono revisits his falsetto voice from lemon (for a brief period). Another great song by U2. - Jiorl

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125 Miami V 1 Comment
126 California V 2 Comments
127 The Ocean V 1 Comment
128 I Fall Down
129 The Refugee
130 Red Light
131 No Line of the Horizon 2
132 Always

I like this song because U2 did a different kind of music on this song and it is on the single Beautiful Day.

133 Stand Up Comedy
134 Satellite of Love
135 Blow Your House Down

Absolutely terrific "pump up" rock n roll song which was first developed during the Achting Baby early 90s sessions but was later released in 2011... The definition of taking your time with a masterpeice. Perfect song in my honest opinion.

136 A Day Without Me

Rousing tune from "Boy"

137 Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World

Some cheesy lyrics, but it has a nice hook

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138 North Star

Unbeleivable song! Should be in top 10, the best part is it was never even officially released beside 360 tour bootlegs

139 Wild Honey

I wonder how far down the list I can go and still find greatness?

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140 Dirty Day

What a great song live! Incredibly deep & raw emotions in this song.

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