Best Songs From Three Days Grace's One-X

The Top Ten

1 Never Too Late

I love "Animal I Have Become", but I think this should be #1 instead because it has inspired so many people to turn their lives around and Adam sings it with so much emotion.

Such a beautiful, emotional song. - EvilAngel

I don't need to say why I like it just listen to it and youll see

1: Never Too Late.
2: Animal I Have Become.
3: Pain. - Alpha101

2 Animal I Have Become

I hear this song all the time! I love it so much! To be honest, I think that if I HAD to choose 1 song of theirs as my favorite, it might be this one.

3 Time of Dying

No, not by Led Zeppelin


This song is lifeline!
I rate One-X as one of the best albums ever made. All the songs are on another level.

4 Riot

The best guitar riff made by them - Igor04

Best ever!
Should be top of the list

5 Pain

Such Raw emotion in one song this one should be higher like 4 or 3 good headbanger too

6 Get Out Alive

If you guys really listened to this song closely, it's got the best lyrics, guitar, and vocals on the entire album and on any album they've ever made. My second favorite song of all time, and I've heard a lot of songs - A7X3DGBB

This is one of my favourite songs of all time!

7 Over and Over
8 One-X
9 Gone Forever

Best break up song ever. - Alpha101

10 Let It Die

The Contenders

11 It's All Over
12 On My Own

One of my favorites Adam shows so much emotion in this song. Especially in the 2nd verse

13 Running Away
14 Wicked Game

Best Chris Isaak cover ever.

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