Best Songs From Genesis's The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway


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1 In the Cage

Fantastic, epic, obscure, absolutely brilliant, the Gabriel voice is very awesome!

2 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
3 The Carpet Crawlers

An absolutely beautiful song from one of the greatest albums ever made if not the greatest. A truly beautiful song from (in my opinion) the best prog rock group ever.

Pretty easy choice, this is quite an epic song. - fidelcanojr

4 Back in N.Y.C.

I get this song stuck in my head a lot, one of my favorites from Genesis definitely.

5 Hairless Heart

Simple and trance-like. Great combinations between Tony and Steve

6 Counting Out Time
7 The Waiting Room
8 The Colony of Slippermen

This and The Lamia should be higher.

9 The Chamber of 32 Doors

My absolute favorite of this overall fantastic album. As said by others, it is an incredible underrated track, which in my opinion lies with the groups very best. Just love that guitar intro!

Very underrated, way better than Back in NYC, Carpet Crawlers, Waiting Room, etc.

Gabriel's vocal on this track his best ever just awesome

Gabriel's closing section is sublime!

10 The Lamia

Absolutely lovely tune. It's clearly Tony Banks style, except for the lyrics wrote by Gabriel as part of the story. This piece should have been rated as one of the top five of the album. Beautiful melody emotively sung by Gabriel.

It's because of the scent of garlic that lingers on my chocolate fingers...

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? The Light Dies Down on Broadway
? Ravine

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11 Anyway

This song is very underrated. It's not my absolute favorite from the album, but the lyrics are great, and the awesome instrumental section between the verses is fantastic, even though it's fairly short. I feel like this song would get so much more love if it were like 10 minutes long with a really extended piece of amazing instrumental in between. While that would improve the song, it doesn't have to be long to be good, and this song sounds incredible already!

12 Cuckoo Cocoon

No. 11 you're joking!

13 Fly On a Windshield

That drop when the fly smashes is fantastic followed by Hackett bliss!

Progressive rock at it's fineness.

It's epic. Should be top 5.

Come on, you can't be serious. The bass, the drumming and steve's solo. It's one of his standout pieces for god sake. Who's doing this pole Nigel Farage down the pub?

14 It
15 Broadway Melody of 1974

A few minutes of true Prog at its finest.

16 In the Rapids
17 The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging

From the start, even from the previous marching beats that close "In the cage" I always been a fan of "The grand parade". Building up the tension slowly (""Carpet" will do the same trick), adding percussion and vocal aggresive tones in every new verse makes it irresistible. A top five of mine.

18 Riding the Scree
19 Lilywhite Lilith
20 Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist
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