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1 Basket Case

Fantastic song, this is their best album along with international superhits. Their older stuff is better than their new stuff

This song takes place in a mental home. Guess what, they found files of old patients and found deep scratches in the walls. This song is the best in the album.

Basket Case is without a doubt the best song off of this amazing album! The energy it gives you and the fact it's so simple to play on guitar. Along with When I Come Around this stands out from the other ones!

Along with When I Come Around, She, Burnout and Having a Blast. This would have to be my favourite off Dookie. So upbeat and so easy to get into.

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2 Longview

Basket Case is so OVERRATED! This is number one, this is one of the best Punk songs of all time.

I agree that Basket Case is just way too overrated. Not a BAD song, just overrated. This song captures the punk spirit of Dookie more than any other. Easily the best song on this album. - RankMaster666

I love it. The lyrics, the bass riff, it's amazing.

I love this song it should be first it rules!

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3 Welcome to Paradise

This song makes everyone and everybody know it's the best song on dookie CD. It's way better than their single Basket case, Long view and she. Man vote this up to the place of basket case...

Best song on this album more catchy then long view, basket case and when I come around... It's guitar bass is also really awesome...


My FAVirote Green Day song ever

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4 When I Come Around

Best intro it captures the whole song better than the lyrics which are still record good except maybe oh love, basket case and boulevard of broken dreams

I prefer this baseline to any other Green Day song. Not too aggressive, not too complicated, simply perfect for the song. greed Welcome to Paradise and Christie Road are harder to play, but they lack the consistency of When I Come Around. Mike is a true Genius. The lyrics in my opinion can be interpreted in many ways. Its quite funny if you think of it from the perspective of a pervert, "I heard you crying loud" "you know where I'll be found, when I come around" "its me just on the prowl" "you can't' go pushing something if it's just not right"

'You can't go forcing something if it's just not right' The song has a great intro and doesn't even need to have great lyrics, but if you listen to them they are actually very good.

I heard you crying loud, all the way across town
Cause you been searching for that someone
And it's me out on the prowl
As you sit around feeling sorry for yourself
Well, don't get lonely now, and dry your whining eyes
I'm just roaming for the moment
Sleazin' my back yard so don't get
So uptight you been thinking about ditching me
No time to search the world around
'Cause you know where I'll be found
When I come around
Well, I heard it all before, so don't knock down my door
I'm a loser and a user so I don't need no accuser
To try and slag me down because I know you're right
So go do what you like, make sure you do it wise
You may…

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5 She

Billie must be screaming in silence cause you can't hear his beautiful voice which is why this song isn't in its rightful no. 1 position

My personal favorite green day song. Wish it was longer.

I'm my opinion, it's overrated by the Green Day fan base but underrated overall, really a great song.

Not just one of the best songs on Dookie, probably one of the best GD songs of all-time

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6 Burnout

Dookie is a punk album. Burnout is the most punk song on the album. Just search up the lyrics

I'm not growing up, I'm just burning out
And I stepped in line to walk amongst the dead

This song is Punk. It defines what Green Day is. 20 years has gone by and people still don't understand how good this song is. Longview showed how good Dirnt was at the Bass. But in my opinion this song showed how great Tre Cool is at the Drums! Best song off the album.

That drum solo>>>your favorites - ProPanda

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7 Having a Blast

The lyrics are classic Green Day. Should be too spot in my opinion, although the whole album is great

This isn't my favorite dookie song, Longview is but it needs to be higher on the list, this song just rocks,no question

8 F.O.D.

I listen to F.O.D all the time and never get bored of it, people think it's too quiet, but that's because they don't hear the main part and that's where it just gets awesome. The quietness is like a buildup to that heavy guitar and bass part near the end.

I listen to F.O.D all the time and never get bored of it, people think it's too quiet, but that's because they down n't hear the main part and that's where it just gets awesome. The quietness is like a buildup to that heavy guitar and bass part near the end.

FOD is an Amazing song. The only problem is that it is in the same track as "All By Myself" which is not one of Green Day's great songs. The wait time in between the two songs drives me crazy, but FOD is definitely underrated.

too low

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9 Pulling Teeth

Love it! It needed my vote more than Welcome To Paradise did. It tells a good story with an awesome beat! :D - Whatsername

Voting this cause it should be higher

My favourite from the album! A amazing song.

All time favorite

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10 Sassafras Roots

Anyone? One of the best songs? Anyone agree? It has such a kickass bassline and drum solo! My band covered this song! I play drums, it kills. :D

Best song from this great LP. And Church on Sunday and Nuclear Family are instrumentally based on Sassafras.
For me, much underrated song.
By the way I also play the drums and this is one of my favourite!

Yaaas! perfect 420 song

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11 Chump

Amazing bass solo. The guitar picking it up slowly then building up into what sounds like an awesome mess, is so good. Better yet, it slows down and leads to the drums of longview. Awesome song.

12 Coming Clean

I found out what it takes to be a man... Now mom and dad will never understand

Super underrated song, not the best but is really relatable and good - GuyInANateGrinder

An anthem for anyone coming out.

The most underrated from Dookie. Hands down. No question. - Tristan1975R5

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13 In the End

It's the third song called like that that I know...

Probably my favourite tune from the album, but y'know that's just preferance.

14 Emenius Sleepus

One of my favourite song from this album and from Green Day. Best song, it tells story of losing Friends in a fight...

I damn love Emenius sleepus. Although longview might be their best song, this needed my voice more.

Written by mike and my favorite! WRITE MORE SONGS MIKE DIRNT

It’s just too short, and too far back on the album to be appreciated but it’s brilliant

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15 All by Myself

Something you weren't expecting. Quiet and slightly funny song by Tre Cool

A true masterpiece. Beautiful string section

They were obviously all hammered or stoned when they recorded this

Best song of all time

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