Best Songs From Green Day's ¡Dos!


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1 Stray Heart

The simple fact is: this is the best Green Day single since the American Idiot album.

By FAR the best song on this album and even the best single of the post-American Idiot era.

Love this album and love all of these songs. Gotta be the best album of the trilogy and better than warning and nimrod in my opinion

By far the best song on this album, I love it!

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2 Lazy Bones

I love this song. It's the best song of Dos! It's relatable and the most memorable song of the whole entire album. Lazy Bones is the best. Also it's king of depressing song too. - gothictomboy66

The catchiest riff on the whole album.

I'm too tired to be bored I'm too bored too be tired. AWESOME

Maybe even one of the top 10 Green Day of all time

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3 Amy

Beautiful tribute to Amy winehouse, just a really great song and Billy's vocals are fab

The innocence and emotion of the song can be truly felt

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4 F*** Time

Its great to see a happy song after all the emotion from American Idiot and later songs. I'm just in love with the guitar riffs in the song and solo is just WOW!

5 Stop When The Red Lights Flash
6 Ashley

Just a great song to scream to when you want to blow off steam.

This is my fave off the album cause it sounds so fast

My fave sounds like old Green Day

7 Baby Eyes

I love the music in this one. It has a weird underground feeling to it that I love. - cachu

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8 Makeout Party

Love this song, why do people like Stray Heart so much, it's alright but everyone knows that Green Day's punk songs are better :D

Nasty at its best. Its purpose is to make you feel nasty and horny and it works, a masterpiece (that bass too)

I like that they ventured towards topics that people don't like to talk about. Love the song and the band.

Why is baby eyes and nightlife higher than this?

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9 Wild One

Best solo, amazing lyrics fir a love song, and super catchy.

10 Wow! That's Loud

Definitely the best song here and lazybones

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11 Nightlife

This song is terrible in pretty much every possible way. - Dunsparcity

I think this must be my all-time favorite Green Day song

12 See You Tonight

This song is amazimg even though its not long it touches me deep, has a sence of simon & garfunkel in it!

13 Lady Cobra
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1. Stray Heart
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