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1 Brain Stew Brain Stew

Strangely infectious from the amazing guitar and clear lyrics … just an amazing song that defines insomniac and one of the bands best albums ever and one of the best songs in their career

2 Walking Contradiction Walking Contradiction

"Talk is cheap my lies are expensive, my wallets fat and so is my head."

Perfect description of a douchebag. So much punk

Stuart And The Avenue, Bab's Uvula, Walking Contradiction, Geek Stink Breath, Panic Song, Armatage Shank's are best, catchy and meaningful that I ever Heard.

3 Geek Stink Breath Geek Stink Breath

Great guitar!, this song spurring your adrenaline. so amazing! In my opinion this song is the best from insomniac - nahyer

This song is "On a roll, with no self control! " I always thought this was the 10th best Green Day song, not as good as brain stew but probably the 2nd - GuyInANateGrinder

Definitely better than panic song, babs, and stuck with me. THIS SONG IS LIKE THE BEST PUNK SONG EVER WHAT IS IT DOING AT 7TH PLACE!?!?!

This song should be 2 it is punk and catchy

4 Stuck With Me Stuck With Me

4th for "Stuck With Me"? Really? I think this is their best song.

5 Bab's Uvula Who? Bab's Uvula Who?

Best song on the whole album! Love Billie's angry and aggressive vocals on this one!

6 Armatage Shanks Armatage Shanks

This song rocks! It expresses the theme of this whole album

7 Panic Song Panic Song

I think that Panic Song and Stuart And The Ave. are SO underrated on this album - Luke72

This song may have one of the best intros out of any Green Day song! It's nuts and I love it!

8 86 86

This is one of my favorite Green Day songs.

This has got to be the best Green Day song on the album...1. 86 2. Armatage Shanks 3. Jaded 4. Walking Contridiction 5. Brain top 5 of this awesome album.

9 Brat Brat

So underrated. Has a really strong meaning too.

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10 Stuart and the Ave. Stuart and the Ave.

The Contenders

11 Jaded Jaded V 2 Comments
12 No Pride No Pride
13 Tight Wad Hill Tight Wad Hill

This song is dark, but it's very catchy!

14 Westbound Sign Westbound Sign
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1. Brat
2. Walking Contradiction
3. Stuck With Me
1. Brain Stew
2. Walking Contradiction
3. Geek Stink Breath
1. Brain Stew
2. Brat
3. Panic Song

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