Best Songs On Green Day's Kerplunk


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1 2000 Light Years Away

Awesome song about Billie Joe's wife.
"One for the Razorbacks", "One of My Lies", "No One Knows", "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? ", and "Private Ale" are all great songs too!

Great way to start the album
goes perfectly into one for the Razorbacks
.. and off we go!
KERPLUNK4LIFE! - gotavares2

2 One for the Razorbacks

My third favourite song by gd really really good, just behind goind to pasalacqua and holiday

It should be 2000 light years away, welcome to paradise, this, who wrote Holden caulfield and Christie road

This is a good one. From beginning to end. - gotavares2

3 Christie Road

Best song in kerplunk

For sure the best song of the album...a total throwback Green Day song

This IS the number one! 1. Christie Road 2. Who Wrote Holden Caufield 3. 2,000 Light Years Away 4. Private Ale 5. Dominated Love top 5 from this classic album.

Great beat.
Great song.
Great album.
Great band.
Great music. - gotavares2

4 No One Knows

Excellent song
sounds kinda like Christie road - gotavares2

5 Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?

Are you kidding me? This should be at least top 3. - Tristan1975R5

This has to be #1
True Green Day Fans know this one is the best - gotavares2

6 Welcome to Paradise

I mean this isn't as good as the dookie version but it's still great. There would be no radio hit welcome to paradise if it weren't for kerplunk. Only the true Green Day fans realize that. - gotavares2

For some reason REAL Green Day fans forget about this song or just downgrade it. The Dookie version is what made me decide to love Green Day. Thus is an awesome song!

I see the Dookie version too similar and that if the Dookie one is better than 2000 Light Years away, this version is - GuyInANateGrinder

Probably not as good as the Dookie version, but still worth the praise! Best song on Kerplunk, for sure!

7 80

Best song from Kerplunk!

Underrated song
catchy and another great song off kerplunk - gotavares2

8 One of My Lies

So underrated

For me this is the best song from kerplunk

Great riff and chorus
another great one off kerplunk - gotavares2

9 Sweet Children

This is a rocker I love it - gotavares2

10 Private Ale

This one is just too great. Catchy and the second verse is punk rock 101. GD4L! - gotavares2

The Contenders

11 Dominated Love Slave
12 Android

This one is so underrated. Starts out explosive and ends that way. Awesome music! WASTE AWAY! - gotavares2

It’s my fourth favorite gd song

13 Words I Might Have Ate

Why isn't this higher?

14 My Generation (The Who Cover)

I loved his cover. - gotavares2

15 Strangeland
16 Best Thing In Town
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1. 2000 Light Years Away
2. Welcome to Paradise
3. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
1. No One Knows
2. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
3. Welcome to Paradise
1. Sweet Children
2. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
3. One for the Razorbacks

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