Best Songs On Green Day's ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! Trilogy

A list including all the songs from the great Green Day trilogy!

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1 X-Kid

From the first guitar chords, it grabs your attention, and then next thing you know it's over and you're pressing replay. I also LOVE the backing vocals in the chorus. It's a beautiful song

I never thought to hear something like this from Green Day. It's so catchy! May not be the best in the trilogy, but I guess it should be on the top 10, right?

What the hell? 17? This is awesome song

This is easily one of my favorite songs ever, at least top 8 - Nectali

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2 Dirty Rotten Bastards

I think the people who likes this as their favorite song from the trilogy, miss the rock opera's and want more

What! This is the best song ever... And this should be in the first place! X-kid can't even be there

The modern Jesus of Suburbia. This song is awesome and it's a welcome addition into Green Day's collection of amazing songs.

No it isn't. Just because it's longer than 6 minutes doesn't make it like Jesus of Suburbia. - Dunsparcity

Best song! Super catchy and fun

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3 Let Yourself Go

This song is really Billie Joe's feeling about pressures of his life moments... I sing it when comes hard times! Thanks for Billie Joe... Good guy!

Best song it should be number one - reillymccann

This is one of my dancing like a dork song that I do when I'm alone, love it!

Shut your mouth because your talking too much and I don't care anyway! - DayGreen

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4 Oh Love

Great, simple stuff, but touches your heart with the raw emotional payload. Makes you laugh and cry at the same time, and really helps appreciate the band.

I love this song! Its just so boss :P

I love how it builds up. I also love that part where Billie goes,"Tricked my self into," and he goes really high and he's like "fallin IN LOVE! " And thenthat awesome guitar solo.

Pfff powerful song... - williambriceo567

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5 Kill the DJ

Awesome and different song from Green Day...

Punk Rock from 80's

This song is amazing it makes me dance and makes me enjoy so much then ever

Best Uno/Dos/Tre song by far - MaxAttack333

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6 Stray Heart

I love the video and the song. It's amazing how much Green Day has grown up and this shows me how much they have. Nothing on Uno, Dos, or Tre beats this song.

I love this songs I love this album

Obviously the most melodic & track from Trilogy.

I think this is one of the few good songs from the trilogy and probably the only good song on dos

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7 Brutal Love

This song is better than forgotten, 99 revolutions, oh love and Nuclear family. I love the guitar solo and the rhythm

I love hearing Billie sing this song he's so passionate and not mention Mikes killing guitar solos

The main chorus at the end. (Also the same melody of the guitar solo). It's such a good catchy rock riff. HOW LOW IS THIS BRUTAL LOVE.

This song should be higher than #7

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8 99 Revolutions

So catchy, and it has a very nice rock beat to it. Love it.

Should've been released as a single! :( - UsernameHere

That intro. <3
One of the most memorable songs ever written. Might not be the best Green Day album but this song surely will go down in the history of Green Day. Proud to be a Green Day Fan.

The best song of the world

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9 Nuclear Family

It's great, all of it is great this song is truly catchy, you just listen it and you will get in the song, you really will. They just nailed. It with this rock song great tempo, bass lines and solo

Nuclear Family is a brilliant song. if it was released with the same sound as songs from "American Idiot", it could be considered one of their best songs. But for the trilogy, it's by far my favourite.

An upbeat jamming song to shout the lyrics to while running around in lopsided circles.

One of Three good songs on uno
Including Oh Love and Carpe Diem

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10 Lazy Bones

This song rocks! My favorite song on dos, followed by stray heart. Dos is my favorite album of the trilogy

Love the sad theme of the song

I love this song! One of the best songs on dos

This is my favorite song from dos!

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The Contenders

11 Rusty James

One of the most epic sounding songs on the trilogy. That guitar solo is truly extraordinary. - Tristan1975R5

Epic, awesome song. As good as Nuclear Family!

The way it flows is just truly perfect

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12 Stay the Night

This song needs to be number 1. It would've gotten more attention if it had been a single, and it should have been!

This is an amazing song and I'm surprised it's not in the top ten

To beautiful for words, it should be #1

Considering it was written during 21CB world tour they seem to carry on and bring all the energy of that album and that tour in to this song.

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13 The Forgotten

I've listened to the song about 14 times, around the seventh time around the lyrics got burned in to my brain, this is an awesome song it deserves to be ranked higher though.

Songs like this make me love Green Day, love the lyrics

This it's the best on the album love the emotion

This song is the best of all three albums - rowdybusch18champion

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14 Missing You

This song deserves better guys...16 you are joking, right?

I think that this song shows what the Trilogy is all about. Its catchy tune and meaningful lyrics make it a definite top ten.

Great! I love bass line

I love this song, especially the verses,they're so catchy!

15 Carpe Diem

To be honest, I think that this is one of those songs that is good enough to be in the top 10 but won't get enough attention. People will pay more attention to the songs like "Oh Love" which will be hyped up. This song is the best or one of the best in the trilogy though!

This song is from uno bro

I find it shocking that this one is not among the favorite songs from Dos... I think it's awesome.

My favourite song off of ¡Uno! to be honest. I love the message and the moment the first verse begins it grabs hold of your eardrums and doesn't let go. Should have been a single in my opinion, but then I think it might have ruined the song. Still amazing though

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16 Stop When the Red Lights Flash

I'll make you surrender.. Great song

Underrated song, the most fun you'll ever have with the trilogy

I thought this was the most high energy from all three albums. Great song

Was used in NFS most wanted 2012. That's how I got into Green Day, by this song.

17 Fell for You

This shows how Green Day can be sweet and romantic for those types of listeners, while still intriguing the punk fans!

I don't know what to say really, I just absolutely love this song. It's so amazing

I hate this song so much. It's the only Green Day song I don't like.

A close 2nd to Kill The DJ - MaxAttack333

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18 Amy

I love Amy, it's such an original song!

Underrated and so cool - Stjimmy101

I brushed past this one at first but it's so good!

One of the saddest GD songs
Slow, fluid, calming, clear guitar
Great lyrics...
One of my favorites GD song ever

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19 Wow! That's Loud

Best song from ¡Dos! And one of the five best from the entire ¡Uno, Dos, Tré! Trilogy. - DesL42

20 F*** Time

A song filled with the jazz and sass that embodies this era of Green Day and this album in general. It may be different to some of their older songs, but fits with the new feel of the Uno Dos Tre trilogy

I really really wanna make you mine...


Catchy, dirty, naughty. Just plain awesome and different.

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