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1 Let Yourself Go

The only song by Green Day from 2012 I like. And it's in my top 5 favorite. Love everything about it

Fantastic song, really reminds me of early Green Day, but in a modern style. The start is awesome and I love the riff! Should be Number 1!

It is a good song I am forever singing it awesome

Favorite Song on Uno. Very catchy riff and drumming chorus is awesome.

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2 Kill the DJ

It's great to hear Green Day exploring new sounds, that's the way songs with a unique vibe emerge (i.E. king for a day, time of your life) unlike "let yourself go" or "nuclear family" you can't find another song like "Kill The DJ" in the entire Band's catalog. - fabianos

Original and something different in a good way

Yeah, I loved this song...! Green Day men looked so kick ass riding a bike...! WoW I just feel like huging 'em... Well, each and every song of Green Day is awesome in it's own way... But I liked this one..! Hell yeah Green Day.. Awesome as fudge

Even though I'm a fan of many 'DJs' and the title clearly states 'Kill the DJ', I loved every bit of this song! Billie Joe's voice is awesome especially when he uses the swear words! And the music makes me wanna swoon. Love this like crazy!

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3 Nuclear Family

Great Song, clever lyrics, great Vocals and An Awesome Opener for the album

This album made me cry when I heard it is nothing good and just bad music nuclear family is the best on it kill the DJ isn't even a Green Day song it's just them giving into pop and if they I'm no longer Green Day's biggest fan but I'll hate their guts

Most of the songs on uno are garbage and sellout but this is not a bad song its no sence how kill the DJ is first it's a total sellout song

This is the song from "Uno! " that struck me as the best right from the get-go. It has quickly become one of my favorite Green Day songs.

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4 Oh Love

Killer song. Really the only killer song on this mess though. Some decent tunes - Nuclear Family, Carpe Diem, Stay the Night - but a lot of...meh.

There is something about this songs that makes me remember good memories of my life and touches me in some way. I don't know what it is, but I love this song

This one should be in the number 1 surely. Kill the DJ and Let yourself go surely fall down after this one...
This song leaves you all rock and cheery..!

This song gives me a lot of feeling and it deserves the first place

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5 Stay the Night

This has got to be in the top 3 at least. My 3 favourite songs in this album are as shown:
1. ) Stay the Night
2. ) Nuclear Family
3. ) Oh Love
These are the best songs in this album, and another thing: when people say that this album is a complete rip-off and a waste; they just don't listen to the song properly and they don't understand Green Day and Punk Rock music itself.

Its very hard to choose what song is the best from this album, I love all track in this album except troublemaker

Its one of the best works by Green Day... So sad its not on top of the list..! - viralbhagat

One of the top 3 of the album

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6 Rusty James

Epic guitar and cool lyrics... Just the way Green Day was in old days...

Most intense lyrics on the whole album and it shows a really mature style, while still sticking to classic Green Day format.

I see that it isn't the most popular song in uno, but I have to say that it's the song that conveys their spirit best. Kudos Green Day!

It's reminds me to scattered, Best song in this album, at least this song represent pure Green Day music style

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7 Carpe Diem

Awesome song, sounds like Green Day during their American Idiot era, but with a more Dookie-esque edge to it. Love the guitar solo as well and Tre's drumming is as awesome as ever.

Carpe diem is an amazing song, its upbeat and bad ass. Clean guitar simple lyrics, one of my favorites on the album.

Best on Uno, easy.


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8 Angel Blue

Love the song its just fresh and cool

Can't get it out of my head

Only amazing song on uno dos and tre

Its just got the punkish & upbeat song

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9 Sweet 16

I really like it, the lyrics are a lot better than the other songs on the trilogy. - DarthPhasey

I like It.. Hm.. Okay honestly I just think it's better than everything else on UNO DOS and TRE.. It was no hard choice :/

Should be number 1

10 Fell for You

Grt music... Grt lyrics
Love you green day

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11 Loss of Control

It seems like this song directed at the haters. But acknowledges the fact that everyone may be titled to their opinion about artistic expression and the absolute craziness that encompasses life.

Actually has a kick to it... Which is more than can be said about the rest of the album. A bit of old school Green Day and bad language is how Green Day should be!

12 Troublemaker

Its incredibly depressing that troublemaker is this far down I think I shall bang my head against a wall...

This some how got a video

13 Makeout Party

By far the best off of ¡DOS! the riff and it makes me think of the way the experiment with different sounds and speeds

This is ¡DOS! when this list is about ¡UNO!
Go to another list - TidalJ

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