Best Songs From Green Day's Warning


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1 Minority

I love this song. Warning as a whole screams UNDERRATED GEM. - Pony

This song is do catchy; it's my third favorite Green Day song behind Jesus of Suburbia and Basket Case. - treyanthonyyeah

I think we all can agree that warning isn't their best album but without it we woldn't have minority such a catchy and upbeat song love it my third favorite behind east jesus nowhere and holiday

This song has such a good message as well as it has that great energy.

2 Waiting

Why didn't this amazing song ever chart?

3 Macy's Day Parade

It just sounded so much different than their other songs before, even more so than good riddance. It really set the stage for arguably their best album American Idiot.

This is one of the first songs I knew

This song needs to be first. It's just so damn good. - RestlessHeartGrenade

This is the best song in this album. Thanks

4 Warning

The title song. The best song (for me, anyways).


5 Misery

1. Misery
2. Macy's Day Parade
3. Warning
4. Blood, Sex and Booze
5. Church on Sunday
6. Deadbeat Holiday
7. Jackass
8. Minority
9. Waiting
10. Fashion Victim
11. Hold On
12. Castaway - Mesel

It’s just so good...

6 Blood, Sex and Booze

Another lesson to be learned from a girl called kill

7 Castaway

Great beat, should be at least in the top 5.
The definitive ranking is this
1. Minority
2. Macy’s Day Parade
3. Waiting
4. Castaway
5. Warning
6. Blood Sex and booze
7. Deadbeat holiday
8. Jackass
9. Church on Sunday
10. Misery
And finally fashion victim only because it lacks lyrical content to make it a great song like Macy’s day parade, waiting or minority.
Also I just love the song castaway and I think songs like jackass and blood sex and booze don’t get nearly enough credit. Warning may be a good song but it sounds like they copied a few people on that one.
I think church on Sunday is a bore and I really wish that deadbeat holiday had a harder hitting chorus because the build up was really good.

8 Church on Sunday

It's the best song it's better than warning, minority. It is better fromm every song.

9 Deadbeat Holiday

Come on, Green Day! Play this live!

10 Jackass

I love this song

Why this song is the last :(
I love this song so much, vote to raise its position, for me this song deserve 3rd place after waiting and minority

The Contenders

11 Fashion Victim

A pretty underrated tune, overall good - GuyInANateGrinder

12 Hold On

Sounds like early Beatles! - Pony

13 86

86 is from Insomniac.. - Trey810

14 Brat

Brat is from Insomniac.. - Trey810

I love this song, but its from Insomniac - GuyInANateGrinder

15 J.A.R.

Its not technically on this album but since its only on there greatest hits album I put it here - GuyInANateGrinder

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