RustyNail's Rock/Metal Album Reviews #1- Band/Artist: Halestorm, Album: Strange Case Of....

Welcome to the very first episode of " RustyNails Rock / Metal Album Reviews". Hope you enjoy:)

Band /Artist - Halestorm
Album - Strange Case Of......
Genres - Hard Rock, Alt Metal, Alt Rock
Members -
Lzzy Hale- Lead Vocals/ Guitar / Piano
Arejay Hale- Drums/ vocals
Josh Smith - Bass Guitar / vocals
Joeseph Hottinger- Lead Guitar / Vocals

Track Listing -
1. Love Bites ( So Do I)
2. Mz. Hyde
3. I Miss The Misery
4. Freak Like Me
5. Beautiful With You
6. In Your Room
7. Break In
8. Rock Show
9. Daughters Of Darkness
10. You Call Me A Bitch Like Its A Bad Thing
11. American Boys
12. Here's To Us
( Deluxe edition Tracks)
13. Here's To Us ( guest version)
14. Don't Know How To Stop
15. Private Parts ( feat. James Michael of Sixx A.M.
16. I Hate It When You See Me Cry

This Album is the second album by this band. It was released in 2012. Here is a fun fact: Lead singer Lzzy Hale is a Female ( not that anything is wrong with that, I love it.) and her brother Arejay is in the band. It had 5 singles ( Love Bites, I Miss The Misery, Here's To Us, Freak Like Me, and Mz. Hyde)

As of 2015 Halestorm Has Released 3 albums, and this is definitely the heaviest one. I love the other albums though. The Lead Single" Love Bites ( So Do I ) won The 2012 Grammy award for Best Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Performance. Now that is what I call successful.

Lyrical Themes/ origins -
I will do this on some tracks. The Lead single" Love Bites" came from when Lzzy Hale was on Twitter and a young girl messaged saying she had her first break up with her boyfriend and asked for advice. Lzzy messaged her back saying " Love Bites, but so can you darling".

The song" Mz. Hyde" Is technically the title track. Ever hear of the book/ movie. " the Strange case of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde" that's where the title of the album comes from. And same for that track.

" I Miss The Misery " came from Lzzy and Arejay's Parents divorce. About not having someone there.

" Rock Show " Came from a letter to the band from a teenage girl who saw Halestorm in concert and inspired her to make her own band. The theme is about being at a rock concert.

Track Dissection
1. Love Bites (So Do I)
Genres - Hard Rock/ Alt Metal
This is probably in the top three heaviest Halestorm songs, let alone the album. Fast and aggressive guitars, and drums. Lzzys Vocals are also very aggressive and fast. The chorus is very harmonic . The bridge is pretty damn fast and lzzys screams in the bridge and ending is killer. Pretty good mash song.

2. Mz. Hyde
Genres - Hard Rock
Great guitar riffs and bass lines pretty deep. This song would go under songs about having another side. ( Examples are Skillets " Monster and 3 Days Graces " Animal I Have Become".) Amazing Chorus. Heavy Drumming. Lzzys vocals in the chorus are grizzly sounding.

3. I Miss The Misery
Genres - Hard rock/ alt metal
Amazing screaming intro. Heavy rhythmic guitar and bass. Classic" Woaoahs" Throughout the song . Somewhat peaceful verses, although pretty creepy. This song is my personal favorite song of the album.

4. Freak Like Me
Genres- Hard Rock / Alt metal
This is a song for the loners in this society ( no offense). Very catchy and rhythmic. Great backing vocals in the chorus. The bridge is pure awesomeness, Lzzy screaming of course. Pretty good guitar solo. Very uplifting words. Recommend this.

5. Beautiful With You
Genres - Alt rock / rock
This song is a breather after all aggressive songs. Harmonic chorus. Gentle song I'd say. Peaceful guitars and drumming. The chorus has pretty great bass guitar.

6. In Your Room
Genres - Alt Rock / Acoustic rock
A pure amazing and beautiful song. Lzzys vocals are so perfect, girly too. Great message in the lyrics. Very underrated song. Quality bass throughout. Great song

7. Break In
Genres- Piano ballad
We get to hear Lzzys piano skills in this songs. Definitely could hear it on a pop station. The bridge is catchy, has some acoustic guitar in it. Lzzy has a beautiful voice in this song .

8. Rock Show
Genres- Hard rock / Anthem Rock
Perfect song for a stadium. Great rhythmic guitar, very electric sounding. Nice bass. Gentle song, not as gentle as " Beautiful With You". A beat for people to clap along.

9. Daughters Of Darkness
Genres- Hard rock / Alt metal
The " Na- Nahnananahs" throughout the song , catchy. Riffy type Guitars. Best Bridge in the album in my opinion. A song for girls to relate to, trust me. Catchy chorus. Recommend

10. You Call Me A Bitch Like Its A Bad Thing
Genres- Hard Rock
Aggressive guitar riffs in the intro. Great bass sound. The lyrics will make you laugh. Lzzy really doesn't care what you think about her it sounds like. Very rhythmic. A dance track for sure.

11. American Boys
Genres- Hard Rock
This one is the most country-ish sounding in the album. Lines like" Metal head boys in the back of a Camaro banging to Metallica on the radio" screams America.

12. Here's To Us
Genres- Alt rock / Anthem rock
A great song to end the album. A song saying to relax and have a great time with people you love. Amazing Song. Top 3 Material. Now the guest version contains guest vocals from Brent Smith ( Shinedown), Myles Kennedy ( Alter Bridge), James Michael ( Sixx. A.M.) Tyler Connolly ( Theory of a Dead man), David Draiman ( Disturbed) , Maria Brink ( In This Moment) and also playing lead guitar, the one and only Slash.

13. Don't Know How To Stop
Genres- Hard Rock
Very Heavy guitar and bass. Rhythmic drum beat. Groove chorus. If you run marathons its a great running song. Catchy

14. Private Parts ( feat. James Michael of SixxA.M.)
Genres- Piano ballad / Hard Rock
Iffy song. Wish there was more James Michael vocals. Then kind of iffy and cheesy groove and topic.

15. I Hate it when you see me cry
genres - Hard rock
Classic rock anthem. Recommend

Track Scores

go to the post" RustyNails rock and metal album reviews pre- post information to see full info.

judge on 1-5
1= Ok song/ sucky/
2= Good song/ could be better
3 = Average / cool song / like it / don't mind hearing it
4= Damn Great Song
5= Favorite / Pure Awesomeness / Turn it up and rock

1. Love Bites ( So Do I)- Score : 5
2. Mz.Hyde- Score: 4
3. I Miss The Misery - score: 5
4. Freak Like Me - Score:4
5. Beautiful With You - score : 3
6. In Your Room - score: 5
7. Break In - score: 3
8. Rock Show - Score: 3
9. Daughters of Darkness - score: 4
10. You call Me a bitch like its a bad thing - score: 3
11. American Boys - score 4
12 Here's To Us- score 5
13. Don't Know how to Stop - score: 4
14. Private Parts- score 2
15. I hate it when you see me cry - score:3

Album Score ( same thing as track scoring)

4.5 is my score ( equals a. 90% , -A)

It is one of the best modern rock albums I've heard. Very heavy tracks with some ballads. Some anthems. Amazing vocals by Lzzy, whether aggressive or peaceful and beautiful. Kick ass drumming. Aggressive guitars. Great album.

well , wait for the next episode. Please leave comments on this episode and leave suggests for an album.



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I've heard all of the songs that Halestorm has covered in those 2 EPs. I thought it was pretty good. I prefer Marilyn Mansons version though - RustyNail

Believe it or not, I actually listened to this album one time. It was pretty good. - Pony

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