Best Songs from Hollywood Undead's Notes from the Underground

The Top Ten

1 We Are

Best song on notes from underground period

When I hear this song, I feel like I can do wathever I want, this is just amazing!


This is AMAZING!

2 From the Ground

Why is this song at the top? We Are is the best song on this album.

I love the contrast of J-Dog and the Kurlzz vs Danny in this song.

3 Lion

There best song of all time without a doubt.

4 Dead Bite

J-dog at his best in this song... In my opinion

J3T's verse has amazing flow

5 Outside

An amazing song and one of Hollywood Undead most emotional and well written ones too - Rathernotbenamed

This song is the reason I started playing guitar. This song will always be my favorite song.

6 New Day

How did this not make the album?

How is this so far down it has great insrtrumental and lyrics

7 Another Way Out

I love this song!

8 Believe

Most relatable, emotional song on the album except maybe Outside

Lyrics that define life!

9 Rain

How is this only number 10? This is definitely the most beautifully done song on the album. In my opinion, the list should be:

1. Rain
2. New Day
3. Outside
4. From the Ground
5. Dead Bite
6. We Are
7. Believe
8. I Am
9. Kill Everyone
10. Lion

This should be higher. In my opinion this song is super underrated.

10 Kill Everyone

This should be higher - spodermanfan1000

The Contenders

11 Pigskin
12 One More Bottle
13 Delish
14 Up In Smoke
15 Medicine
16 I Am
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